• Arch uers - why they no like Antergos?

    @“Yash”:11gn9jcr said:

    Welcome to the community haridiva! :)

    and yes Ubuntu is a great boon for linux. If there was no ubuntu, I’d never come to linux.
    There’s absolutely NO SINGLE distribution that I’ve tried and got that much satisfactory out of the box experience.[/quote:11gn9jcr]

    Yup, this forum kinda fun and makes me feel relax, not seriously spooky as “that” one…

  • @“Yash”:1hgemqnf said:

    I’m using Arch too

    Yes, I installed arch the “normal” way. Took me one complete week to get it set up and working![/quote:1hgemqnf]

    You’re talking about installation, post install and all DE tweaks and whatnot? Or just having a working system? To be honest, I can’t imagine spending a week on arch. But I understand that some people may do a much more detailed installation than I.
    I usually need about 20-30 minutes for install and a couple to a few hours for post install. At the most, I would need a whole day. If I have a lot to configure.

    I realize I may be necromancing here. Sorry about that.

  • ha.!!
    I’ll tell you boys why they don’t like Antergos. It’s because we’re noob friendly. On the Arch forums, it’s not that they dislike noobs. It’s that they figure that Arch is an advanced system, which I do agree that it is. And as it being that kind of a system, they want you to figure things out on your own. That doesn’t always happen.
    their philosophy is not to help noobs overly much. Sometimes, noobs need help. Hell. I did. We all did. I find that the tone or attitude on the Arch forums is quite hostile at times. Very unfriendly and quite unbecoming of human nature to help another when help is requested. I don’t think it takes much effort to demonstrate a little bit of friendliness to another person. However, evidently, it does with some people. Over at the Arch forums, I find that, that attitude and tone has become a domino effecto toward others.
    I find that the forums here on Antergos are much, much more friendlier. More supportive.

  • @“AnonKS”:2c4oz3sx said:

    You’re talking about installation, post install and all DE tweaks and whatnot? Or just
    having a working system?[/quote:2c4oz3sx]

    Just a Arch System with a ‘just working’ Gnome Desktop. Not the post install and DE tweaks stuff.

    I’ve written the whole story (page no. 2 second post) explaining how arch installation took my week.

    Long story short, it was because of few reasons. one, my internet is slow asf (17KB/s). So I left one night installing base and stuff, other night installing Gnome and day hours for other steps/tweaks.
    Then after install, lot of stuff started giving me problems. (Ubuntu’s bloat does make favorable difference I tell you) solving those problems took the rest of my week.

  • 17kbps? I think I would die. No wonder it took you ages. Is there nothing faster, that’s affordable, in your area?

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