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    would be awesome if openbox just have a button to checkupdates like 💯

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    n=$(checkupdates | wc -l)
    l=$(yaourt -Qua | grep aur | wc -l)
    if [ "$n" != "0" ]; then 
        notify-send "$(checkupdates)" "$n updates available.and $l aur"

    example mine =p i also dont use pamac as packagemanager, tkpacman :)

    kinda debianishhhh ☮


  • Im loving the Openbox Version, freaking fast, all icons on tint, dont know how you made this miracle but to have bluetooth, ethernet and vol icons on tint and such amazing visuals…love it so much!

    The only changes i made were with fonts, added bigger ones and removed compton!

    Keep rocking! love your work!

  • @edneyhelene In case you needed even more icons / indicators, you may find them here:


  • @piotr Great thank you so much, i just love openbox version and stuff! and great work you have with those icons and scripts \o thanks

  • I’m about to make a package of several scripts, which are currently standalone. See README for details.

  • @piotr when i see your screenshot I feel like need to try out a openbox setup 👍
    Background is from slomoguys?

  • @joekamprad If you’d like your desktop to look exactly as you want, Openbox is a good idea.

    Almost all of my wallpapers come from Wallhaven. To avoid seeing manga and beautiful, half-naked girls, I usually type “abstract” in the Search box. 😂

    Most of the scripts in the picture, that currently appear under their own names, are being packaged into the t2ec package right now. They will have common syntax: t2ec --command [argument]. Coming soon.

  • @piotr said in OpenBox Feedback:

    t2ec testing package available.

    Impeccable your work, it shows your experience and thank you very much for sharing! 👍 ☺

  • @judd Thanks! :)

    Actually I’ve got hardly any experience at shell scripting, but this project is an opportunity to learn.

  • @piotr
    Cant wait for it \o

  • I’ve just finished packaging the scripts which are not psutil-based into the AUR package. Sample usage may look like this:


    To get them all, you need to install psuinfo and t2ec packages. Thanks in advance for feedback.

  • @piotr !

    ¡¡¡ IMPECCABLE !!!


  • Encouraged by Johan Malm, I added the [menu] argument to t2ec commands. It automates binding jgmenu context menus to executors.

    t2ec --update menu command in action:


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