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    Hi guys, I want to back up the configurations I have for this machine as I am going to be getting a new machine soon, and I want to be able to load all the configurations I have set up for this machine onto that one. As such, I’ve opted to throw everything onto github. Could someone help me out? I have set up a github repo and I’m ready to start pushing, though I don’t want to mess anything up, so I’m asking for help here.

  • I’d simply archive with fsarchiver all partitions the system is composed of. Or only selected folders you’re interested in.

    Backups, made with fsarchiver, may be restored later to another partition, to another computer, to the same or another partition, of equal or different sizes. Full freedom in partitions manipulation.

    Fsarchiver is present by default in all distros, except Solus. It’s also included in various rescue tools, such as SystemRescueCD.

  • Good-bye Antergos. It was nice knowing you.

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