• Anything on the update which is going to turn Antergos to Arch?

    It’s about 2 months now. Still no update from the developers. Should I wait? Or fresh install Arch? Anyone know anything about the update?

  • For the last time two main Antergos devs were present here, at the forum, a day after Antergos Ends announcement. Seems like there are no other news from them since then.

  • @just, any way to contact them? Email maybe?

  • No, a private message to them is absolutely unacceptable. It would be an intrusion in their private lives. We can only wait patiently for their reaction, if will be any.

    They are responsible people, they developed and maintained Antergos for about a decade. Demonstrating patience and dedication.

    Surely they are well aware of the current not-so-clear situation with Antergos. There could be a zillion reasons, unknown to anybody of us, to be late with a final point in Antergos life.

    Honestly, it’s not clear for me what are you waiting for. Why wait for hypothetical “final update”? Everybody can transform an existing Antergos installation in almost pure Arch system, at any moment, right now. There are few examples of how to do it in Antefree posts. Or simply jump to another distro. Why wait for a “final update”?

    I got rid of Anetrgos packages, configs and repo a month ago, and Antefree continues to run without a problem since then. Antergos devs were smart enough to not damage an Arch-based distro too deeply with heavy customization. There are now discontinued and still alive Arch clones, which are extremely hard, if ever possible, to transform back to pure Arch. With Antergos it is possible. There’s no need in “final update”.

    Respect to Antergos devs

  • why this rant, bro? I’m not saying we should invade devs’ private life. It’s not even that I care, if they provide a update or not. They promised to provide one SOON. If they don’t do that now, or that it will be delayed, they can just let us know. or they can say “Just F**k Off”. that’s JUST ok too.

    Happy Ranting!!

  • Why so angry? A “final update” has never been announced. It was just always said that there might be such a “final update”. It couldn’t have come from the Endeavour developers either, the original Antergos developers might have done that. The Endeavour developers have explained several ways to reduce Antergos to Arch or install Endeavour. Personally, I’ll wait a little longer. But I definitely don’t think there will be a “final update” anymore.

  • @mr-ed said in Anything on the update which is going to turn Antergos to Arch?:

    It was just always said that there might be such a “final update”.

    Soon, we will release an update that will remove the Antergos repos from your system along with any Antergos-specific packages that no longer serve a purpose due to the project ending.

  • It was said once rather than always. In the announcement you quote.

    Antergos mirrors aren’t operational since July 1. Cnchi can’t access them, for new installations. Users can’t access them to upgrade or install a package.

    The last commit to Antergos GitHub repository was on May 20. A day before the announcement. No new packages were added since then.

    GutHub repository was archived by the owner - Anetrgos devs - some time ago. New packages cannot be added to it anymore.

    It’s hard to imagine that GitHub will be re-opened, mirrors re-activated and re-syncronized, their packages will be upgraded, to distribute a “final upgrade” package.

  • i do agree with you, just not with the

    A “final update” has never been announced.

    As it has been announced on multiple channels also.

    However, removing antergos takes like 5 minutes. if this is already too much, they will have fun with running pure arch :D

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