• Booting Different Kernel's - LTS Question

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently upgraded my kernel to Linux 5.2 and noticed when I tried booting into the LTS version on my machine, it was also booting into a Linux 5.2 version. I stumbled upon the following blog post here:

    But it looks like it is out of date. Does anyone know how I can boot into an older kernel on my LTS boot option?


  • there is two things :


    loads the second kernel… this case then linux-lts

    or uncomment this


    and set grub_default=saved

    it wil save the last choosen kernel.

    dont forget update the grub.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Small mini update, so I did some reading and apparently was missing the correct LTS packages on my system. I installed the following this morning:


    After installing everything, I updated Grub and had the NEW LTS options come up in my Grub boot menu:


    1. My original thought was the “Antergos Linux - Fallback” was the LTS option? But after installing the LTS packages, it looks like this is a separate boot option entirely. Can anyone explain what this Fallback boot option is used for please? When I select it, it appears to just boot the normal latest Linux Kernel without any changes that I can tell.
    2. Besides the Linux LTS and LTS Headers packages, do I need to install anything else for the LTS installation to work correctly?

    The good news is that the LTS Kernel works under the new LTS Boot options, and it is NOT the latest bleeding edge 5.2 Kernel. So, it looks like a safety net is working properly. Do I need to do any additional steps so things don’t accidentally get upgraded on the LTS Boot Option?

    Thanks again for everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

  • lts is good for 2 years but practical lts change once a year of great version, but further it get opdates, normally atleast here linux-lts get first… but cuirrently running linux-zen, zo linux-zen is first… mayby was grub not properly updated?

  • @a4orce84 The fallback image utilizes the same configuration file as the default image, except the autodetect hook is skipped during creation, thus including a full range of modules. The autodetect hook detects required modules and tailors the image for specific hardware, shrinking the initramfs.

    You need not worry about the latest bleeding edge 5.2 kernel. Arch is rolling release it will always have the most updated kernels including the most updated lts kernel too. Kernels are issue approximately every two weeks but they don’t change to the next value until they have reached the final testing. Right now it’s on 5.2.1 and then it will go 5.2.2 etc until it changes over to 5.3. eventually after say as an example 5.2.13 So it is quite a bit of time before it switches to 5.3

    You have the option of running the lts kernel and you can make it first in the list a number of ways but i wouldn’t be concerned because it’s current and up to date.

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