• Getting error while installing OS

    how to solve this problem?Screenshot from 2019-06-20 12-56-09.png

  • antergos keyring is over its time thats the main reason i gues, it was til month 5

  • Merely as a test, an hour ago I downloaded Antergos 19.4 full ISO and installed Cinnamon DE from it. Installation was smooth as silk, and finished successfully without issue of any kind. Installed system runs fine.

    The problem with the package should lie somewhere else. Just a guess - it could be related to not properly updated mirror(s) in use.

  • python2-gnomekeyring is not available at Repositories

  • @joekamprad said in Getting error while installing OS:

    python2-gnomekeyring is not available at Repositories

    That’s true. python2-gnomekeyring package doesn’t exist anymore neither in Antergos, nor in Arch repos.

    Antergos uses the package only once - when CUPS feature is being installled. See Github here.

    In other words, without installing CUPS Cnchi works fine and installs Antergos. If CUPS is added to the installation, Cnchi will always fail now with the error in OP.

    As I never install printers support, it explains the succesfull Cinnamon installation (above).

  • @just @joekamprad Thanks for letting us know this information. I have been trying to install I3 and Cinnamon and got the same issue. Probably Gnome too but i didn’t try it? I just unchecked printing support and Cinnamon installed smooth as silk like normal as @just say’s. I still believe that cinchi is awesome and these package, mirror or key issues have given it a bad rap.

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