• EndeavourOS burning questions......

    Let’s see if this works…



  • @ricklinux here it is. Works like a champ.


  • @cage Very nice. I like the background image. This is still Xfce i take it.

  • @ricklinux Yes it’s still XFCE. With a little work XFCE can look really good. I guess I am old school and prefer old style task bar with my own made quick favorites launcher. The background image I found on the internet. It was a lot of looking to find it.

  • Here is what the App Launcher looks like.

    Favorites App Launcher

  • @cage I am also a little old school also and use Cinnamon. How can i change my task bar in Xfce and the start menu so the icons look better? (Apps Launcher)


  • @ricklinux I don’t put icons on my desktop that is what my quick launcher is for. As for the icons on the task bar you can right click them and move them basically where you want on the taskbar. The windows button on the taskbar could be moved to the right of your icons allowing the icons to stay in one place. As for the icons themselves my launcher has a folder with icons that I like and use to replace the icons I don’t like very much. All I did was do a search for icons on the web and saved the ones I liked to my icon folder. You can change the icons on anything by right clicking and clicking on properties. Another way is to use the menu editor and change it there. Although the beta does not have it installed by default.

  • @ricklinux I use the Xfce desktop environment on all of my computers (except for one on which I use LXQt). I can easily and quickly make all of my computers ‘look alike’ regardless of the OS I have installed on the particular computer.

    Here is a screen shot of my desktop:


    The bottom taskbar which is shown in the screenshot is actually set to ‘hide’ when not in use; I need only bring my cursor down to the bottom of the screen to make it visible. It is easy to make it (or any panel) hide automatically, ‘intelligently,’ or not at all. Your choice.

    I find that Xfce is, in my opinion by far, the easiest DE in which to work; it also as the advantage of not using as much RAM as some other DEs. It does not have as much 'eye candy’as do other DEs but personally, I do not need/care/or want ‘eye candy’ on my desktop (‘eye candy’ uses lots of resources).

    Of course everyone has his/her own preferences but I like Xfce just because it is so easy to customize/configure.

  • i use general just Lxqt+xfwm4 :) but DE’s are pretty subjective after all… next pc stil thinking to use kwin as wm , but will see :) xfwm4 is fine because it does not limit wm experience as with openbox does in lxqt, if you edit the rc/xml then some lxqt part dont work proper :) there is also not so much lxqt desktops on arch-based distro mostly are xfce / gnome kde

  • @lhb1142 I like this a lot but i have mostly used Cinnamon. Right now i went back to Antergos KDE as i couldn’t get the printer working on Endeavour which is weird. It automatically works on Antergos and Manjaro with the drivers i use from the AUR. Just waiting a bit for things to come together a bit more but i did give it a try.

  • This is probly a worthless post, but anyone wondering with KDE everything still working just fine with whatever updates happen to be available.
    Even my Conky -Sandwich I’m working on I hope to release when new forum is all set up ☺ and this is my everyday machine!!!
    So don’t break it or Hulk smash lolol

  • @ricklinux
    You have to install and enable cups in addition to system-config-printer and whatever drivers to get it to work. I’ve done it twice already and, while a pain, is no worse than vanilla Arch.

  • @EarthMind
    Have you used btrfs for a long time? I mean possible problems.

  • Great work so far, looking forward to seeing the final product!

  • @cage said in EndeavourOS burning questions......:

    here it is. Works like a champ.

    Only curious, but what does this look like?

    $ screenfetch

    Since antergos is going, I screenshot mine for posterity lol

  • Newsupdate on EndeavourOS:https://endeavouros.com/?p=38

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