• EndeavourOS burning questions......

    At the moment we’re still going full steam ahead to reach the deadline, but we still have a lot of hurdles to conquer. You’re enthusiasm is still ongoing and that’s what keeps us going.
    We noticed that on the forum as on Telegram two questions keep returning about EndeavourOS, so here are the answers on those questions.

    Will EndeavourOS be available as an Antergos update, or do I have to reinstall everything again?

    No, Antergos will stop existing as a distro and EndeavourOS will be a new, independant distro, that is forked of Antergos. You can however put the upcomng EndeavourOS repo in your existing system and if you don’t know how to do that, we’re going to provide you with a how to on the new forum. For people who already have their home folder installed on a seperate partiton, a reinstall is the most easiest thing to do, since EndeavourOS won’t interfere with your settings in that case.

    Will EndeavourOS have extra features preinstalled like Steam or Libreoffice?

    The OS will be shipped with the necessary packages to run a basic install and some small familiar Antergos features like the Nvidia-installer and yay. It will install Firefox by default (without the language packs) in a simple lay out of the DE. Every DE will be shipped with their designated Desktop Managers (Gnome with GDM, KDE with SDDM etc.)
    Our goal is to make the distro as close to Arch, just enough to get you comfortably started, so we don’t want to stuff it with unnecessary bloated apps. If you want to install flatpak, timeshift or Vivaldi, for instance, you’re free to do so after the installation. For those who want that choice made before install, we refer to our sisterproject RebornOS.
    EndeavourOS will all be about installing Arch conveniently, but after install learn to roll it the Arch way with a friendly and an active group of people surrounding you to show you the way.

    In the original anouncement I told you that the new forum software will be Discourse. Unfortunately Discourse and our server aren’t mixing well, despite numerous tries and ways of installation.
    Since @fernandomaroto @manuel are mainly busy with the ISO and @joekamprad serves as a floater between the ISO development and the website development, I took the task to install and organize the server. Due to these technical issues between the hostingprovider and Discourse and also due to personal circumstances in my life at the moment, we decided to go for another solution that can handle the modern digital life, I know you and we had our heart set on Discourse, but there comes a time when you have to let go.

    We hope we satisfied your expectations for now and if you want to countdown with us you can see it litterally over on https://www.endeavouros.com

  • “Our goal is to make the distro as close to Arch … EndeavourOS will all be about installing Arch conveniently”

    Perfect. Just what I’m looking for in a distro!

  • @Bryanpwo I’m getting security certificate error from the site.

    Screenshot from 2019-06-14 11-15-45.png

  • @Bryanpwo Does this mean that the installer will install a desktop of choice or not? For instance i use the Cinnamon desktop and with Antergos it comes with Numix theme. What am i to expect with the Endeavour install of Cinnamon?

  • @ricklinux
    Thank you for sharing the link, the adress is protected (ssl) now.
    You’re Cinnamon desktop won’t change that much after reinstall, except the Numix square icons. These were exclusively made for Antergos, the round Numix icons can be installed, as they are the default Numix icons.

    As I already stated in the original anouncement: EndeavourOS will offer 10 desktop choices in the online installer.

  • @Bryanpwo That’s fine but is the Cinnamon install going to give me the old ugly Cinnamon theme that a lot of other distros have and then i just change it to Numix circle or Papirus?

    Website is good now!

    Thanks! ☺

  • @ricklinux
    To be honest, I can’t tell you that, because we’re still fiddling around what will work and what won’t in this stage. Towards the end of the month we can provide you with a more clear answer on that one.
    This post was merely meant to give a rough sketch what you can expect from us, since the the discussion on Telegram is already heating up on this subject.😉

  • @Bryanpwo No problem…i guess i need to be on telegram? I was just curious as i was just not sure what you meant by basic install. I don’t have an issue with installing ALL other software after.

    It’s all good…it’s great!! I can’t wait.

  • I already said this on Telegram, but, this is great news and exactly what I was expecting from EndeavourOS.

  • Love you guys <3

  • This is one of the best news I’ve received lately.
    As I stated before, I am willing to help to translate, I’m multilingual. My coding skills are almost non-existent…
    Also, more than willing to donate to this project.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I contacted Michael @ Phoronix about Endeavour (he was using Antergos for benchmarking Arch and is now using Manjaro). I thought he could be interested in your project, and in fact… https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=EndeavourOS-Announcement

  • @knightfall This is awesome! Eventually maybe he will do another article on EndeavourOS and also use it for testing.

  • for anyone want to join the chat at Telegram:

  • @knightfall—TuxMachines just picked-up the Phoronix article. Good job getting the word out!


  • @knightfall
    Wow thank you for the recommendation to Michae, this is great.

  • @Bryanpwo I hope you’ll keep me posted via this site as well as Telegram, which I just joined. I am really looking forward to trying EndeavourOS.

  • @Bryanpwo What about testing an ISO?

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