• Linux OS for a new user

    Hello users,

    This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer.
    I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts.

    Will it be difficult to use and understand Linux?
    Will Linux be faster than Winodows 10?

  • you stil running Windows 10 ?

    Depend on your skill on computing. i should first install virtualbox or vmware and try first various distro’s probably Lts based; in virtualbox or vmware you can hit and break if you want :)

    linux is not so dificult up you have to know which class you start from there you evolve to something new. depend on you computing experience aswel.

  • Hi, and welcome to the wondreful and strange world of Linux/GNU.

    First of all there is a differende between Linux and Windows as far as Win is a ready and done OS, while Linux consists om the distribution ie what’s under the hood (what make your system run) and what you see (the Desktop Environment; DE).

    In Linux ypu’re free to combine them as you wish.

    However if you’re a total noob, there are ready to go distros (the Linux version of an OS), and in the early days of your jurney I would recommend Deepin OS to start with, and if you aren’t content you can later switch to Endeavours version of Deepin when it is due,

    Deepin is out of the box beutiful, and easy to use, and whil probably be faster than your current Win10, however Arch-based Deepin will be faster as the underaying system is lighter on resources.

    My five cents says begin with Deepin OS and try it out, and then switch to the Arch based Endeavour when you begin to know a little more.

  • Sorry for my typing! 🐶

  • @bkdroid13 You could try Zorin OS 15 as it is very Windows like.

  • Check out this video It’s focused towards gaming, but if you manage to game you manage kinda everything because games are demanding. It explains a bit about how Linux works.

  • @nate_x Excellent video. What i like about PopOs is that it has NVIDIA drivers on the install. This is a great video as it talks about different distros and not just one.

  • Thank you very much for your extensive answer!

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