• amdgpu black screen with cusror after suspend/resume

    Hi to all,
    I have an hp laptop with an AMD Stoney gpu installed
    My kernel version is 5.1.7. Everytime I re-open the lid, after suspending, my screen is blac with just a freezed cursor.
    I tried googling for a solution, but I didn’t found anything that worked, neither blacklisting amdgpu.
    Any solution?
    thanx in advance

  • @clownbepi what DE in use? (may GNOME?)

  • @joekamprad nope. I use KDE

  • @joekamprad, thanx so much.
    I tried but it didn’t worked. I also took a look on the sddm’s wiki page, lookin’ for the troubleshooting; I tried “df -h” to see if I have free space, and indeed I have…

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