• Kernel update

    I updated to Linux Kernel 5.1.6 but when I looked at the info in Firefox it was 5.1.5.

    I then restarted the PC and it showed 5.1.6.

    I didn’t get a notice to restart. Must I restart after a kernel update for it to take effect? Windows flashback!

  • @debiandonder There are some updates that do require a reboot. Kernel is one of them and there are others too. Usually it gives notice at the top of the screen on the right. At least on my Cinnamon desktop anyway. To check your kernel verion you can use the terminal.

    uname -a

  • @ricklinux Yes I know how to check in the terminal but I can see the kernel and graphics driver and so on in Firefox trouble shooting, very nice.

    I thought so, I choose Budgie desktop when installing Antergos and I don’t think the notifications work.

    At least I know what’s going on. Hope they update it so everything works, which will probably takes months because the next version of Budgie comes out in September or something.

  • @debiandonder Yes Firefox gives you that info. I never really thought about it much. I just go into system info or use the terminal.

  • @ricklinux I love the layout of Firefox, it’s so easy to understand everything at a glance.

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