• Removing stable kernel

    @debiandonder If you can install Antergos and not have too many issues i think you’re doing okay. The problem with Windows is they throw everything into a big bowl and mix it all together and that’s how they install stuff. It’s garbage cumulative updates with an antiquated registry system that doesn’t work most of the time.

  • but one side is different with Manjaro, Arch is more clear. You have a ‘linux’ kernel and ‘linux-lts’. sure every early born kernels can have issues thats why you have a linux-lts beside anyway. but all updates get installed, of from kernel 5.1 to 5.2 it happends in manjaro you have specifik kernel names you have change it by your self… some people surely always off with some and miss out something and can be issued always, on arch-way always rolls further…thats more simple, and even older kernels sometimes needed, but is just lot work to maintain 8 kernel versions even you know you cant test all 8 kernels out only relying on upstream updates. even linux-lts is most of time stable, but personal i never rely on one kernel, a patch can have issues as wel sometimes as example you have 4.19.15-1 but later on you get update 4.19.15-2 probably for some computers there was a bug, it can happend anyway :) doesnt mean system is updated but having two kernels you can have the fruits… thats why i say just make a kernel to standard load if there is something you can have feedback of the other kernel. also lasttime i uses windows was windows Xp in 2005 so i dont know, my wife had windows now linux, but bugfixing had a hardtime to maintain her pc :) but it did… Most of time my own pc always end of a reinstall because going to far :)

  • @ringo32 Yes it’s always difficult to know for sure what’s causing a problem. Earlier this year I had Firefox freeze a lot and know find out that it does freeze with some versions of Gnome or kernel 4.18 LTS gave problems with older processors.

    I also tried installing Debian 9 with the minimal net install ISO and ended up with no desktop environment. Antergos minimal install was much easier to do.

    The only thing I cold not do in Linux is to get Command & Conquer Generals to work with Wine or play on Linux but that’s not a big deal.

  • @debiandonder You could install Steam and be able to play lots of free and or paid games. Steam is available in the repository. Here is the site so you can have a look at the games available. Not sure if it would be of any interest?


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