• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    The past week we’ve read a lot of encouraging posts about our project, the Endeavour project was, already making soundwaves through the community and beyond.
    It must come to no surprise to you that the start of this project isn’t an easy ride, in fact your enthusiasm for us is heartwarming and daunting at the same time.
    Are we going to deliver on the high expectations, is the community really going to follow us to our destiny, which serverprovider are we going to choose, is it wise to stick with Cnchi even if it has a bad reputation and how are we going to solve certain errorcodes?
    These and many, many more questions haunted and taunted us the past week. (and from my perspective, it felt like six months)
    Despite the occasionally light panic attacks, the overal feeling of being on the right track with this one prevails. And hey, even James Cook with his crew and the big heads at NASA must’ve had some moments of doubts on their Endeavour.
    With all this in mind, we are proud to present you:


    I can feel and hear that the large part of you are scratching their heads right now and shouting at your screens: What the **** Bryan?!?!
    Trust me, this wasn’t a fixed plan from the beginning, but since the name already gave us your trust and we’ve read a lot of remarks that you actually liked the name, why not adopting it?
    Either you’re thinking of a community that’s going to move further to a new environment or a new user that puts their first steps in Arch waters, Endeavour is the word that covers it all. So that’s why we decided to stick with it.

    The OS
    Basicly we are going to continue the road Antergos already has been taken so:

    • The K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)

    • A graphical online installer with 10 desktop environments to choose from with an uncomplicated repo, making the experience as close to Arch.

    RebornOS installer – This new installer derived from Cnchi has hit a milestone in the development stage and will soon be available for testing. The first Endeavour release will be shipping the current Cnchi installer, untill the RebornOS installer has reached golden status.

    Ofcourse we’re not going to clone Antergos, so these will be the differences:

    • XFCE will be our live environment, since we offer users the most common DE’s, this environment’s sole purpose is to give an impression what the aspiring user can expect and for the existing users to troubleshoot in a simple and straightforward fashion.
      Choosing XFCE gives us, the team, the freedom to combine Endeavour with our regular lifes.


    We are going to offer two types of ISO:

    • Developer edition – will be our testing ISO with the online Cnchi installer, for people who are interested in what we are planning in the next release and like to toy around with it on a VM or extra machine.

    • Stable edition – will be our official release ISO and will contain the online Cnchi installer with 10 DE’s to choose from and an offline installer that installs XFCE with some basic apps preinstalled, ready to go.
      With the offline installer we try to cater to the wishes of users with an unstable internetconnection and also having a fallback solution, in case the online installer has problems getting certain packages from the repo’s.

    • ISO releases – Our releases will carry names, so here kicks in your efforts. We selected a selection of names you’ve provided us, that we think are fit to be the name of our first release. So you can start voting soon.

    Website and forum

    • This will be a complete new site and forum with a new design, therefore existing Antergos users will have to subscribe to the forum.

    • The Antergos wiki is going to move with us, so there’s no loss of data. (thanks to @karasu )

    • Social media will be focused on open source equivalants like Mastodon and Telegram.

    • Twitter – We still have under consideration, since not everybody has Mastodon and we’re going to use Social media also to notify in case of server failure.

    Wallpaper submitting-

    Do you have a photo or wallpaper art you like to share, that has no copyright, no nudity and no offensive language and graphics? We are interested! By next week we will provide you with a place to submit it to us and who knows, maybe your masterpiece wiil be in our wallpapersection.

    We hope you will join us on our new path in this already wonderful journey and fix this in your agenda:

    EndeavourOS is going to launch on 1 July 2019

    You’re more than welcome to join the party.

    You can also follow us on Telegram


  • What DEs are part of the 10? Is i3wm one of them? What about the forum? Please please please, do not run the same software as this one.

    Good luck to the project!

  • The forum software will be Discourse and, yes i3wm will be included.

  • @Bryanpwo Excellent news. How are we to transition from the current state of Antergos? I don’t have an issue with reinstalling but is there going to be the ability to just change from our current set up? This is the reason i was asking previously if and when the Antergos devs are putting out an update to remove Antergos? Or is the Endeavour project going to gives us the a way to move over?

    Also is this the name then? What 10 Desktops are going to be included?


  • @ricklinux
    We are looking into it, but since there are some other hurdles to overcome, we’re not sure we can have an easy solution before the deadline. We will assist you by adding the repo manually on the new forum, if we run out of time.

  • Any ETA on the new forum? Or is that also on the 1st of July?

  • @markoff
    All will be on the 1st of july, we want to give you a finished product.

  • Thanks, I’m sure it will be worth the wait 👏


    I really like the name, it’s fitting ☺

  • @Bryanpwo I hope Cinnamon desktop will also be kept.

  • @Bryanpwo

    This is excellent news. I’ve been using Linux for 15 years and Antergos for 5 years. Like others, I settled with Antergos after many years of distro-hopping and it was sad news that it was being discontinued. Thanks to the Antergos developers for creating this unique distribution.

    As a precaution, I started looking around at other options, but couldn’t find anything that felt right, both as a distribution and community.

    I was relieved when you, @anarch , @fernandomaroto , @joekamprad , @manuel , @Keegan started looking at the possibility of continuing under another name. I’m sure it is daunting and complex but feel confident that you will come up with the goods! It’s important that we, the community, are patient and supportive to you and the other developers in the next few months. Are any arrangements in place yet where we can contribute money towards the new project?

    Congratulations on selecting EndeavourOS as the new name, that was my favourite.

    Well done! Will look forward to seeing developing news about EndeavourOS!

  • Absolutely great news. I’m really looking forward to a positive and wonderful future for EndeavourOS. Hurry up 1st July! 👏

  • @Xler8
    Thank you for your kind words, and nice to hear from you again btw.Donations will be possible on the new site, it felt a bit wrong to ask you for donations, without having a working product. Thanks for the advanced trust.

    We are going to provide all DE’s that Antergos is providing (the numbers on the site aren’t accurate) plus one.

  • Yipieeeeeeeeee! 😂
    EndeavorOS sounds great, I sort of liked it right from the get go too, and I am sure it will be an endeavor, getting everything done by July 1st. Hope the tight deadline doesn’t cause any casualties. 😟
    Also glad to see that KDE Plasma is still an option, as it’s my favorite DE of all times, and if it went missing I would have been like 😨 , 😲 , 😵 , 😱 or even 😠 !

    Now as for wallpaper, and other artwork, I take it that blue should be dominant, especially the same shade as is used in the ARCH logo? As for what sizes, that can be tricky with all of the resolutions now available, but I guess for now I may get to work on some using the standards as found in /usr/wallpaper. As for Icon themes, I understand why X-Windows established tight standards, but I also think they also made it overly complicated and unwieldy 😵 , and therefore not easy to get a good and complete theme right. But from what I heard the Breeze themes are the most complete as of now (correct me if I’m wrong) and will make a good starting point to use as a template, not that we need to concentrate on Icons all that much with good themes already out there.

    Anyhoo, I am so glad for this announcement @Bryanpwo! 😋 Please don’t overwork yourself, as you have surely taken on a huge task! So if it gets too crazy, I would rather see a delay in release, than you crashing and burning. I also hope that you can put together a capable team of developers who can work together without letting their egos and other hangups get in the way, as the fact that a few forks were announced prior to any communication between those taking on the task (If there was, I didn’t see it), had me scared. 😱

    You can tell I am happy when I use a lot of these: 😷 😝 😎 🙃 🤣 😀

  • I am really happy to read about Endeavour OS. And I hope it can be my Daily Driver when it’s ready. I know the 1st of July is soon, but unfortunatly not soon enough for me, since I get a new PC about next week, maybe I’ll try Reborn before I can get Endeavour or something.

    But my Laptop will remain on Antergos, until Endeavor is ready.

  • @Severus Not sure, but if you get, or still have an ISO, then you may still be good to go with Antergos when you get your new box, as any changes will most likely not require you to reinstall, as there is a prep update to come, that will leave you with a usable system, only converting to ARCH repo’s and removing only Antergos stuff, and that should work for years to come unless you hose the system so bad the best option would be a reinstall from the ground up. Don’t quote me on that though. If you still can, then download the current ISO, and by then it will not be too old to use and then update everything. It will be obsolete though as soon as the Antergos repo’s go down though, and I don’t know the exact date for that. I am sure that info is around here somewhere. 🔍

  • @Bryanpwo Cnchi is an okay installer but there is a “trick” to using it which I discovered:

    When the live disc is mounted, you must go into the Applications (second page) and run GParted. You must then DELETE any partitions which are present from a former installation. Once that is done, Antergos installs perfectly with Cnchi.

    Assuming that the live disc mounts (I had a problem achieving this on one of my computers until someone on the forum helped me), doing the “trick” has enabled Cnchi to work perfectly and install Antergos each and every time I’ve tried it.

    So, if you want to continue developing and using Cnchi, it’s okay by me. Just make sure that you put my “trick” into the FAQ (if you find that I am correct).

    However, my personal favorite installer is Calamares but I’m sure that there are other installers out there which are just as good.

    I do wish you the VERY BEST OF LUCK and I look forward to transitioning to EndeavorOS.

  • @lhb1142
    Thank you for your tip, we’re going to look into that.

  • already thought about A logo of Endeavour os ? im currius :)

  • So you’re already ready to launch the new distro? Wow. Great news, can’t wait to try it out!

  • @narses
    Thanks, although there are some hurdles to overtake, but we’re confident we can do it.

    I’m afraid I have to keep you in suspense on that one…🤐

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