• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........


    endeavourOS.png endevaourOS 2.png

  • @Bryanpwo Hey, you have a face!!! 🤓 Well hi there! âś‹

  • @lhb1142 I too had this problem once, but re-labeling the partition was all that was needed. I learned to just not use the default label on install, and never had that problem again.

  • @anticupidon Well that was quick, but personally I don’t like the hearts, they seem out of place. Think Linux, Arch, endeavor, and tech. I think the space shuttle thing the other person came up with much more fitting, although it needs refinement.

  • Well i think brian had that picture before to derivatives of its old pic… :) but i like the continuum combined with harts :) to endeavour you have the hart of a lion.

  • Brian is also dutch to, we like lions :)

  • The space shuttle was the first thing I thought of, too, and I like what @hm_ and @joekamprad have drawn. If you want my advice: I think the logo should fit the square, e.g. like this:


    This way making a system icon or a website favicon will be simplified:


    It should also look not bad on a tee:


  • @piotr Now that’s more like it, as it hints on the Arch logo well.

  • @piotr Are you changing the spelling?

  • @Zoidmo After some time I started wondering if it should remind Arch or Antergos. But the first thought is usually the best one, so here you are. :)

  • @ricklinux Crap, a simple typo, sorry. I was focused on the graphics. :)

  • @ricklinux There are two spellings: Endeavor (American) and Endeavour (British)

  • @Zoidmo Both sound difficult in Polish :D

  • @Zoidmo Ya… i know but it’s spelled different. Just a typo.

  • @piotr Well the Arch logo is shaped right for the job, the Antergos one, not so much. Are you going to play with it some more? It can have a little more detail, now that monitors have higher resolutions some additional line art can be used and still be visible. I remember making 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32 icons way back when, and it wasn’t easy, but these days 32x32 are tiny, and I am using 96x96 on 4k.

  • @piotr Well, you’re not supposed to pronounce them in polish! 🤣 Would that be Endevioska?

  • Alright, I replaced the pictures. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

    @Zoidmo said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Are you going to play with it some more? It can have a little more detail

    This is just a draft. It could be modified in many ways for many purposes. Feel free to suggest changes/additions, or just download and modify on your own. I do not claim any rights besides Creative Commons. :)

  • @piotr You are right, but a logo should always stay the same, so one for most purposes. The only time it should be different is when using it as a water mark, or embossed. It’s a marketing thing; If you have different versions it’s not that easy to recognize, even changes in color besides slight ones due to how it will look on different monitors, which can’t be controlled, are not recommended. A person needs to see it around 20 times before they associate it to a product or brand… Gorilla marketing 101.

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