• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    @ricklinux Almost midnight here and I’m still waiting for my first Saturday beer. :)

  • @piotr Why are you waiting? Where is your Tyskie?

  • @ricklinux Just click on the start button (menu) in the panel > hover over “Computer” and drag the home folder to the desktop, and

    If you right click on the desktop, panel, start button, or anything you may want to explore, a menu with all kinds of stuff will pop up. That works with most desktops, even in Windows (Barf). There are literally right click pop up menus on almost everything with related options, even files and folders, text… It never hurts to right click on something!

    As I said, you need to explore and read up on these things, if you want to get the most out of anything you can do with a computer; Computers can’t read minds, nor can developers consider everyone’s personal needs and preferences, only give you options. Finding and using those options is up to the user; if all of them were visible, you would have no workspace, so they are stashed away in menus and apps. If you explore and do your homework you will find great things, but if you want to spend way more time distro and DE hopping expecting to find just what suits you, you will never get what you want. You say you want things simple, but the reality is that you are depriving yourself of the power of computers, and how simple you can do complex things, once you know how.

    Hers another big Linux tip: have your home folder on a separate drive partition from the OS, because you can install any distro, and keep many of your settings (more or less). For instance, I spent a lot of time setting up the DE and all of my apps to look and behave exactly the way I want, and in case of needing to reinstall the OS, all I have to do is point it to my already existing home folder, and all of my DE and application settings are back, no configuration needed. That will not work between different DE’s though, but once you found something you want to stick with, there is no need to reconfigure everything after a reinstall. It will also not reinstall all of your favorite apps either, but once installed they too will find everything, which is really great for your email app and browser of choice.

  • @ricklinux said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:


    In the fridge. I’m a driver at the moment.

  • @piotr Good Choice!

  • @Zoidmo I already went back to using Cinnamon. I will possibly try KDE sometime in the future. I’m just waiting for this distro to get going here.

  • @ricklinux said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:


    Actually it’s a strong stout, called porter here. Tyskie I only drink on holiday.

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    I’m really interested in trying out sway

    Right now I’m working on a Nitrogen replacement capable of working on Sway. But this should be discussed on another thread.

  • @ricklinux said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    @Zoidmo I already went back to using Cinnamon. I will possibly try KDE sometime in the future. I’m just waiting for this distro to get going here.

    Why bother, sound’s like you didn’t try in the first place.

  • @Zoidmo Okay…okay…you win. I’m trying it. 😁


  • @ricklinux
    Talking about achieving the same look on various DEs…
    Yours kinda looks like my current XFCE setup :)

  • But as Mascotte , i dont know… would be nice something with fire :-) Look for Endeavor , at anime hero academy , some eye blink to them lol :)

  • @nate_x Very Nice! I haven’t figured out KDE much. The work space themes don’t always set up right and i don’t know it very well. So i’m just trying it again. I normally use Cinnamon in Antergos and Manjaro.

  • as long the iso it self nog deliverd with too much crap like steam, just stuf needed for support and possible some documentation…:)

  • @ringo32 I am hoping some things get changed or sorted out when Endeavour gets going. I find that the Budgie desktop does not have the same functions as the version in Solus which i really like. Also Mate is a never ending problem to install so these are the things that matter along with package problems installing. I know somethings are not within their control. I myself have not had many issue with installing.

  • I agree with @ricklinux if you don’t know KDE that well it can be overwhelming, it sure is a DE that fits with Arch’s philosophy: A lot of possibilities, but you really have to dive into it. But once you’ll understand the magic behind it, it’s terrific to use.

  • @Bryanpwo I like it because it’s fast and fluid but i don’t like spending all the time trying to figure out how to do stuff. 😕 Actually want to try I3 and get into Sway. But i’m holding off till another day.

  • @ricklinux never used solus extensively, i try to keep out gnome… so i cant tell what difference is in arch :) for mate only see issues with chnci because of the own repo… but that will solve at the end for a part, and if you install Mate as group, you would not have to much issues on eventual name changing… for the first run always dificult to tell, but from some issues you learn if community support the feedback :)

  • @ricklinux
    The problems you’ve described on Budgie and Mate are merely caused upstream (there’s a small chunk that has to do with Antergos repo). I don’t know if you noticed, but when a DE receives major updates, the packages come not all at once, but in chunks, making the DE break because it misses dependancies. Some DE’s suffer from this (Deepin, Gnome, KDE) more than others, because those are the DE’s that mostly have somewhat radical changes each major update.
    This problem is coherent to rolling release distro’s, I’m afraid.

  • @ringo32 Solus has Budgie, Mate and Gnome and a testing version of KDE. Their kernel is only 4.20 but it is rolling release. It’s good but i liked Antergos because of Arch based rolling release so it is more current. Solus has a different package manager also so it’s different. But like Manjaro they also have doflickey i think it’s called for installing hardware.

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