• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    @ricklinux Have you ever tried KDE Plasma? It’s the Swiss army knife of desktops!

  • @Zoidmo I have tried it but i just can’t figure out how to set it up. I guess i just don’t get it? It’s just weird to me. I like the Solus version of Budgie. I like most versions of Cinnamon unless they have old theming and icons. I like some open box versions. I have not tried KDE long enough to figure out how to make it my own. I am very interested in trying I3 and sway. But right now i just want to get this Endeavour OS going. I have been distro hopping for too long and when Antergos came along and Manjaro i chose to stick with Antergos because i liked it best.

  • It’s a lot of stuff, but boy is it great once you get a hang of it. I recommend taking it slow, and figuring things out one at a time. I don’t know how exactly if KDE ships it with the default setup it has on Antergos, or if they have it preconfigured, but it isn’t lacking much when Installed with Antergos. The search capabilities are vast, and just typing away on your desktop pops up a search that will even look under rocks in the desert to find whatever it is you seek; a program, script, information, entertainment, on your PC or on the internet… It ships with one of the best file managers (Dolphin), text editor (Kate0 and so much more. All KDE apps have lot’s of configuration options you will find in the menus, as well as within configuration dialogs to get as close as it gets to a totally personalized experience, and they all have plugin architecture if you want more options. I do have to say that the people at KDE spend all of their time on features and configurability, and hardly any on documentation. But there’s plenty of help and tutorials on line by enthusiasts.

  • @Zoidmo But what does the desktop look like? I’m not one for just a background. I know it’s fast and not the memory hog it used to be. I like it but i just haven’t spent the time trying to make it like i see some others have.

  • You can change the background on any desktop! I have mine set to slideshow set to change wallpaper every 10 minutes, with different sets for each monitor. I have hideaway toolbars on the bottom, side and top, each configured for different uses, the menu is great… you can add widgets to the desktop and toolbars for all kinds of stuff, from often used programs to the weather report and world time. It has one of the best notification systems too. You can access desktop settings from the desktop (or desktops; you can have many), and panel (toolbar) settings directly from a popup, as well as there is a settings app where you can tweak even more; change Icon and wallpaper themes, window behaviors even transitional animations, colors and transparency, button styles and their order, monitor hot points, mouse gesture recognition… It has detailed hardware settings like, power options, keyboard actions and mouse button assignments, Monitor color profiles and resolution, you can assign which apps sound on which audio device, in case you have more than one, and well, as I said already; it’s vast, and so takes some getting used to, but once you are used to it, the same methods apply to tweaking any KDE apps as well, and they make a lot of good ones. You do get a typical ready to use setup right out of the box, and you can add to it and change things around at will. Strangely it doesn’t bog down the PC, and is less resource hungry and more responsive than you would expect. I admit to being a tweaking geek, but I live it! 😀

  • I know you can change backgrounds but i like Cinnamon because i just put certain Icons and folders on the desktop and it’s just easy to set up after install and doesn’t take much time. I’m not much of a tweaking geek. I just set it up and i’m more interested in hardware and software and how the computer performs.

  • You can have all the icons you want on the desktop, and use any Icon theme, even change the icons of individual shortcuts anywhere they are, to whatever icon you like. The whole point of setting things up in specific ways is for better workflow, and less clutter.

  • @ricklinux
    This is how Plasma5 can look like.
    alt text

  • @joekamprad said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Bild Text


    To me it looks like an iluminati/freemason symbol. I’d really love it if this wouldn’t be featured in the logo or other artwork.

  • @nate_x a sextant is a nautic tool from sailors 🚣
    i was only feeding the “Association chain” as it looks like an A also…

  • @Zoidmo @Jeannie____ Okay so i just installed Antergos KDE version. Absolutely no issues with installing. Flawless! This is my fourth time reinstalling without a hiccup. So now i will see if i can get to like KDE or not?

  • I think you need to read up on DE’s as a whole, as most don’t differ very much at all, until it comes to additional features and configuration ability. Most important is that they come with a set of essential applications like a file browser, text editor, settings manager, and more, and that is where the big differences are. KDE and Gnome use KDE or Gnome apps, where as others like Cinnamon use selected apps by other makers… So it’s really more about the applications, as the desktops all have the same basic features. I don’t like Gnome apps, and prefer the ones from KDE.

  • Is the sail logo not a bit reminiscent of the Solus OS logo? Just asking.

  • @Zoidmo I tried KDE again but it doesn’t work for me. 😑 😒 🙄
    It’s great don’t get me wrong but i get frustrated with it. I want my home folder on the desktop and the garbage can which i figured out but why isn’t it automatic like KDE Neon? KDE is fine if you like it. I just don’t prefer it. It’s not that i don’t like it. I’m going to wait until Endeavour is running and i might give it more effort with some advice.

  • @pheine I don’t think it’s reminiscent of the Solus logo. But that’s just my opinion. Solus has three different sails and no cuts in them and the bottom blue semi circular moon shape looks like the bottom of a boat.
    @piotr design is really nice. I like it a lot along with the Endeavour text. It’s almost like an Arrow head. The T-shirt also looks fabulous.
    I’m not sure whether they will put Endeavour OS or EndeavourOS or just Endeavour. Same with the distro whether it’s Endeavour OS? I guess we will find out! But i think it’s EndeavourOS.

  • @ricklinux Just to clarify: I had had no idea what the Solus logo looked like before it was mentioned in this thread. :)

  • @piotr It’s just @pheine said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Is the sail logo not a bit reminiscent of the Solus OS logo? Just asking.

    I said in my opinion it’s nothing reminiscent of the Solus logo or Arch for that matter. There are lots of distros out there that are reminiscent of the Arch logo! Anyway I like it and i think it’s a good fit.

  • It’s just @pheine said in

    @ricklinux Sure, I know. Just wanted to emphasize the fact. :)

  • @piotr No worries…i have no doubt. I’m looking forward to the launch.

  • @piotr I’m really interested in trying out sway … but i’m going to have to do a lot of catching up. I have the hardware for it so things should work well.

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