• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    logo’s are subjective on one way but some orginality yeah…

    personal i like antergos logo otherside there will always people that wanna change a logo. but a good base of a logo is nice, a logo base that can be intrepretable and flexible in one way :)

    quite dificult such is subjective but there is soe logo’s are outstanding in this topic :)

  • Since @nate_x brought up the developer team, it would be nice to have them introduced, perhaps with a little info on their specialties: I don’t mean what foods they like… 😉 of course. Also some info on each ones "Vision may help.

  • @lhb1142
    The logo discussion over here, is just the community having fun, since we’re busy developing the ISO and the website.
    I do hope you’ll be satisfied with the result.

  • @Bryanpwo Are you saying that you already have one? I did not do all that just to play around!

  • @Zoidmo
    That’s going to be the next post, we already had that in mind.

  • @Bryanpwo Please link to it here when you post it.

  • @Zoidmo
    I like your work a lot and there are others on the team who agree. I will put a link when I post our next development.

  • @Bryanpwo OK, then I won’t throw in the towel quite yet. How do you like surrealism? You know, MC Escher and Salvador Dali… I mean this endeavor (pun intended) is starting to be a little surrealistic, as I see it. 😊

  • @Bryanpwo I am ready and willing to install and test the ISO when it’s available.

  • And me! Ready to test the installation in a virtual environment

  • @Zoidmo said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Since @nate_x brought up the developer team, it would be nice to have them introduced, perhaps with a little info on their specialties: I don’t mean what foods they like… 😉 of course. Also some info on each ones "Vision may help.

    EndeavourOS Team is born out of this community, all of them moderators here at the forum, our main goal is to keep this community alive. A friendly openminded place to learn and to get help. As users of Antergos we want to proceed with the easy way to install an Archlinux based system for softlanding into the world of rolling latest Linux.

    Currently we need to put all power into creation if a new Forum and a first release of our install-ISO.

    We do not seperate development from the community, once we are ready everyone is welcome to be part of the Development. To start up we need to work in a little team to keep it simple and fast forward.

  • Endeavour … “Leading the Way” … “A Community Pursuit”

  • I am very satisfied when I read all postings around starting “Endeavour”. If I would be asked to give major version numbers to all Linux distros (related to their technical base AND the community what is standing behind them) I would say Endeavour has earned a new upcount digit. It is going a way which brings people together instead of building frontiers between them…

    I am exited waiting for the first ISO which of course I will test immediately!

  • How about a surrealistic star?
    Endeavour Starstruck Purples.png
    Making it was a brain teaser. 😵

  • So while I’m waiting i decided to do some distro hopping and i tried Zorin OS 15. They are talking about it being the Windows 10 killer. There are a lot of articles out about it. I wiped out my Antergos install to take the New Zorin OS 15 for a spin. It is a dramatic improvement. Based on Ubuntu 18.04 lts with flatpak very nice. Had to install a bunch of stuff from the terminal though as it doesn’t come preinstalled such as adobe flash and pepper flash and a bunch of other apps not available in the software. So here i am back on Antergos for now! I just did a full reinstall of Cinnamon without any issues again. This is the 3rd time since development has stopped. It installed in less than 10 minutes…added all the software i usually do and in less than 20 minutes here i am right up to date running the latest software, latest kernel and not one issue. This is why i use Cinnamon desktop. This is why i came to Antergos. It just works. I believe in rolling release and having the most up to date software. If Endeavour can maintain this direction and make incremental improvements it will be the distro that everyone will want to use. I came to Antergos because Arch is a pain to install. The amount of software available is also the reason. The install is flawless if all the links in the chain are connected. It just didn’t get any better than this until Endeavour came along! We will prepare, we will be ready, we will launch… Endeavour OS!

  • @piotr said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Just final thoughts on the sail concept:

    1. get rid of Ubuntu font -> replace with Nimbus (italic, as the graphics looks “italic”, too)
    2. capitalize 1st character to avoid IE connotations

    Example usage:



    This is my favorite logo yet. Frankly I hate cutesy logos to include anything tux related. I’m really looking forward to EndeavourOS. I will only be adding the repo as I don’t want to lose the Antergos Numix themes, but, Some day down the line when something bad happens I will probably install it. I already have the RebornOS repo installed.

  • @joekamprad That is kind of cool.

  • @joekamprad So it’s for sex? How do you use it? Looks uncomfortable!

  • @michaelnothing I really like this as a logo also and the T-shirt is awesome. I don’t know what the theming is going to look like on different desktops but i do like the Numix Theme on Cinnamon. Most distros on Cinnamon have the old awful looking Cinnamon theming and icons that are atrocious. I wouldn’t even consider them because of it.

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