• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    You could also refer to James Cook’s HMB Endeavour:


    This should look not bad on any background in any size.


  • As a racer yachtsman myself, I would NOT agree more on this, @piotr. ☺
    I would rather see sails than shuttles. 😍
    Besides, I find the logo minimalistic enough, relating to Arch in colours & shape, while at the same time not being far away from the one of Antergos!!! Good job, mate!!!

  • @anarch Haha, thanks :) Seems I like it too - for simplicity. All the curve has only 8 nodes.

  • Makes me think of Solus… 🤔

  • @his_turdness Rather Solus than Arch?


  • @Bryanpwo said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    We didn’t adress it, because of two things:

    • Antergos is coming with an update to remove the current Antergos dependancies, so you’ll be left with a pure Arch install. At this moment we don’t know when this update is going to appear and what exactly will be removed, so we don’t want to intervere with the work the Antergos devs are preparing for this.

    • Since we set ourselves a challenging deadline, because we want to move the most of you out of an unsure situation, there’s a lot to accomplish by then that has more priority. We are certainly going to adress this problem, but at the moment we don’t know if we can provide an easy to use solution on the first of July. There is a script, however to do it and we’re certainly going to assist you with that on the forum, if an easy solution isn’t at hand by then.
      For people who already have their home folder on a separate partiton, reinstall wil be easy, because in this case your settings and documents are on that partition. So Endeavour will be installed on the boot and root partition, without touching your home partition.
      At the moment we’re working with a small team and some help from outside deliberately. It keeps the lines short and we each have our tasks to focus on. Once up and running we’re going to look into the possibilities to add people in the team.

    With the Reborn installer, I referred to the fact that we are working together with the RebornOS team on an universal installer based on Cnchi. Reborn isn’t the name of the installer, but it’s the installer RebornOS was already working on, behind the scenes.

    Thank you for this helpful reply to me. My computer has only one solid-state disk so I suppose I will have some difficulty in installing EndeavorOS and maintaining everything. (I could have ordered this computer with two disks - in retrospect perhaps I should have - but, as I had had some problems with two-disk-computers in the past, I chose to not do so.)

    I personally like the Calamares installer best of all that I have tried but I’m sure that you’ll be able to come up with something fully satisfactory.

    I know that you and the other developers are working very hard to get EndeavourOS up and running and I again wish all of you the best of luck. I am very much looking forward to its release.


  • @piotr said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    @his_turdness Rather Solus than Arch?


    Yes. I think the rocket logo represents this project better. The two thrusters create the arch, which is missing from that Solus-like logo. To get the best of both worlds, maybe cut a notch into the Solus-like logo to create an arch. Maybe add the thrusters too? I’m no designer, just a regular user, but that would make sense to me.
    In the end, the logo isn’t that important to me personally. I just need a stupid-friendly GUI installer with the selectable options. ☺

  • @his_turdness said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    maybe cut a notch

    The only thing that could be cut out here according to me:


  • Here’s an ugly mockup… :D


  • @his_turdness I tried exactly the same, but it reminded me of nothing at all. :D

  • I wonder if @luke_d has some input on this. He was really advanced in his work for the new visual identity of Antergos.

  • @piotr Very beautiful

  • @piotr I liked a lot, but i think adding those “rips” at the sails may remind arch too much, not sure about copyrights. So i think the simpler sails are better.

    I also like the idea about penguins being launched as @anticupidon
    posted, i just think that the previous draws looked more like a comet tail or a dagger, but again the idea is awesome.

  • Thanks @andreasdimo79 , @fernandomaroto . You have now two more options to choose from.

  • That’s great news! thanks team of Endeavour for carrying on the Antergos legacy!!

  • I know you guys have your hands full with getting the project off the ground. That said since you are going to be supporting multiple DE please consider adding the DM to the DE. For example, gdm for gnome, sddm for kde, defaulting to lightdm if there isn’t really a prefered DM for the DE. I think that would make for a much nicer experience. Or include DM choice as a separate option during install and let the user pick their favorite with lightdm or even nothing as a default.

  • @piotr Not trying to be mean, honestly!!!, but is it just me or does that logo look like a weird person standing there with a sheet over their body? Sort of like an extra from the movie ‘The Void’?


  • @galvez_65 I use lightdm on Cinnamon and don’t have any issues.

  • @piotr ha ha in this case it looks fantastic with scars
    Bild Text

    Font and logo fitting perfectly, and it is minimalismic and very clean!
    great work !

  • @piotr I like this one too. I wonder what it looks like with a capital E? Or maybe the capital E could be a block letter? Just thinking here?

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