• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    Antergos Made te update to arch to make endeavour probably an announcement but you dont need to reinstall :) just keep te install.

  • @brownkid84 as the EndeavourOS Team are moderators from the Forum, not that much involved in all little things on Antergos Development, it will be better to proceed with their update to remove Antergos packages and stuff, and adding EndavourOS after this. EndeavourOS will be more close to Archlinux, and mainly adding tools to make it more easy to use, plus some packages we want to provide.

    We go more for providing help on configuration and knowledge.


  • Searching for “Endeavour OS” I came across an 8 year old github page and saw:

    “Project: Endeavour
    Copyright: @2011 The Code Boutique
    Endeavour-OS is the worlds first true cloud operating system.”

    My aim was mainly to stay aware of the current Endeavour OS project.
    Besides in the Antergos forum, how might I follow Endeavour during June. Thanks.

  • @louielinux said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Endeavour-OS is the worlds first true cloud operating system.”

    Yes, you are correct: It was started in 2011 but doesn’t look like it’s done anything since then.

    It is listed as:

  • Right, so this here would be the non-pro version :)

  • The first community powered Operating System, to be correct, non Pro version, (for softlanding rookies)

  • EndeavourOS leads the way! I’m waiting for the ship to sail or the rocket to blast off! Count down is on! T-12 and counting. 👨🏻🚀 🚀 ⛵ =🐧

  • Hey, I’m also very excited and happy! As an absolute Linux newcomer I’m now a part of it from birth, so to speak. But there must not be too much pressure! It is important that Endeavour will create a Linux that is easy to install, offers many possibilities (from Arch) and runs stable. And then the maintenance of the system should be as easy as possible so that the new developers don’t feel overwhelmed again and maybe give up. And the financial aspects have to be clarified.

    In any case, many thanks to everyone who is now working on it.

  • @ringo32 okay…
    I wasn’t counting weekends…
    They go by so fast I forget about them!

  • Maybe a little too late to write about it, It was felt in the air that such a project would not be, just like that, abandoned.
    I would like to say that the adventure with the Antergos has taught me a few things. Regarding the forum, moderators had to show their indulgence in spite of everything, and another forum with such a community is probably in vain to look for in other distro. Although the installation of Arch linux on VM was not so difficult (with some manual help), I would like to see what Endeavour will offer and I am looking forward to installing it.
    Thank you Antergos.
    Nice to welcome Endeavour.

    PS It’s great that the forum will be preserved.

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