• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    Are you using Lightdm with KDE? Kde functions better with SDDM.

  • @Bryanpwo Is it possible to have the installer either ignore updates that are not available and still install and then update them later as they become available? That’s why i used Cinnamon because i find less issues that you are describing.

  • @ricklinux now you have me in the dark :)

    Manjaro rely on mhwd , is such a framework is very strange to use doflicky when you already has your own tools. but i didnt test it so i dont know. :)

  • @Bryanpwo I just installed it so what ever the default is? Lightdm i guess? So how to i install sddm and remove lightdm?

  • @ringo32 No i mean Solus has a hardware installer called doflickey and it is like Manjaro’s mhwd.

  • i dont know, only know mhwd do some symlinks to have a own mhwd.d that mhwd setup the driver stack and setup the blacklisting when needed…if its works is nice but you get a less flexible system if you dont know where to search, because its more a manjaro thing is hard to find a solution in the arch-wiki…on top you have the qt-gui of manjaro-settings but time will tell. those things isnt build in one day, i do believe users dont want that a distro take stuf from another distro blindly like condros, there must be a bit things of there own, only time will tell… is not for the first release but it need mature always to bring some own solution to the stack

  • @Bryanpwo Okay i installed SDDM according to the instructions on Antergos website and enabled it. Then i logged out and back in no change so i rebooted. Do i need to remove lightdm? Or disable it?

  • @ricklinux
    As an answer on your first answer, the answer is no, because after install it basicly rolls Arch. If we have to withdraw updates, we would be more like MAnjaro and we are simply understaffed to do that. It also isn’t our vision to do that with EndeavourOS.
    Endeavour is going to provide an easy installer for Arch, but will give you the same Arch experience afterwards, with a more than friendly community to help you.
    There are some Antergos features that won’t be included in EndeavourOS, towards the end of the month we will inform you about the changes.
    Like I said in the anouncement, we are not going to clone Antergos.

  • Lightdm is now disabled, since you’re not sure of moving to KDE permanently, I recommend to leave it, in case you switch back to Cinnamon, you can enable it again.

  • @Bryanpwo
    During the late misbehaving of antergos due to the repos failing, I had the chance to delve deeper into what Antergos really was made of, and studied it’s packages closer. I managed to see that Antergos had its own packages shadowing AUR mostly, but conveniently so. I’m talking about meta packages, but also common arch tools that Arch itslef decided to leave to AUR to handle.
    Will Endeavor also have these repos, similar to Antergos?

  • @Bryanpwo Okay …i understand that. I’m not sure what features you are referring and i understand not just cloning Antergos. Then it wouldn’t be Endeavour which i am happy about. There are too many distros out there that are just forks of something else. I didn’t see that in Antergos and i know i won’t see it in Endeavour. I’m just waiting to install it.

  • @nate_x
    I can’t answer you on that one exactly, because were still deciding which package we’re going to include in the repo.
    Our main thought is to make the repo as light as possible and things that can be found in the AUR, to leave it there for users to find and install to their own liking.

  • @ricklinux
    You’ll find out which features won’t be included by the end of the month.

  • @Bryanpwo The only reason I liked installing from Antergos repo instead of AUR is because i have a slow machine and hate compiling stuff. It’s the bin packages I like.

  • @nate_x
    Well that’s rolling things the Arch way, you’ll discover which way works for you and which don’t. The most important thing for us is to provide you with a repo that isn’t heavily depending on AUR maintainers.

  • @nate_x I have a fast set up and fast internet so i haven’t really seen the issues with the Antergos repos. I also use Cinnamon which doesn’t seem to have as many package issues. I have reinstalled a number of times with no issues. Even KDE just now i was only missing yay which i installed from the AUR.

  • As a final hint to you all (non native English speakers) : look up the word Endeavour, this is going to be the distro’s philosophy. An endeavour at first, but very satisfying to work with once you’ve mastered it, with the help of a lot of friendly faces.

  • At one point you can not please everyone, and Project is still young would foolish also to promise things that at the end dont come also :) At the point is here i think, people on the project learned what the downfall of antergos. On that point im sure they can avoid that downfall. :)

  • @ricklinux Keep playing with it! I forgot to tell you: click on the “help (Help Center)” icon in the menu under “Applications”. Have fun exploring KDE! 😀

  • Hello @Bryanpwo,

    First off, thank you for taking on this task with Antergos / Endeavour. I think you can see from your forum post with 250+ pages, you have a lot of people that are excited and relieved that the Antergos torch will be carried on! So, thank you again to you and the Endeavour team for all of your time and hard-work!


    1. So, with the blog post from the original Antergos team about creating an update that is supposed to remove the Antergos packages, are you guys going to create an update of your own so we get the proper NEW Endeavour packages correctly?

    2. What will the upgrade / cut-over from current Antergos installs to new Endeavour installs be? Will it require a fresh installation of some-kind, or can we use our existing installations of Antergos?

    Thank you again for all of your time and help with my questions and on your new Endeavour! It is greatly appreciated!


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