• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    @Zoidmo I think it’s great. I like the original one more right now. I will have to see some more. I don’t see a problem with the Arch type logo on Tux as long as it is changed enough to look different. I wasn’t thinking this was for the main logo for Endeavour anyway. I was thinking along the same lines as @fernandomaroto.

  • @ricklinux Just keep in mind that colors can easily be changed, and these are more about font and layout…

  • Using a changed version of the Arch Logo is prohibited:

    Our logos are presented in multiple colours and it is important that their visual integrity be maintained. It is therefore preferable that the logos only be used in their standard form but if you should feel the need to alter them in any way, please keep the following in mind:

    Any scaling should retain the original proportions of the logo.
    A monochrome version (white, black, etc.) should be used in certain situations, such as when applying it to colourful or “busy” backdrops that would otherwise make the logo difficult to read.

    So using it “As is” is OK, Changing it may be problematic.

  • I’m in favor for a simplistic logo. That flying space tux is a bit much. BUT it would be cool to have him as a helper on the OS. Like the paper clip Windows had, but done properly. :D

  • @Zoidmo I was just meaning that it really isn’t an Arch logo. It’s something you’ve come up with. But, I don’t see a problem in the first place really. Other Arch based distros use it or similar.

  • @his_turdness I don’t know if @Zoidmo intends this as a logo? It’s just another item that can be on parts of the website, forum or what ever. I think it’s neat. It’s cool, it’s different. Right now it’s ideas…stuff to throw around, get input and ideas.

  • It’s not a space tux! It’s a jet pack, not a rocket pack! I don’t think strapping rockets to people is a good idea! 😨

    As for those Windows “Helper” thingies: They were so freaking annoying!!! Besides that now you are talking a trainload of work on complex animations, and massive programing to make it a helper that can actually help. How is that simple?

    As for just an E: can it get anymore boring and nondescript? E = Emptiness.

    If anything it has to have the full word Endeavour, and some symbol that can be used detached from it, so either Endeavour and symbol, or just the symbol, as many other OS’s use. Therefore it just makes sense that the symbol can stand on it’s own, and still be recognized, and that can only happen if it’s unique. It can be just “Endeavour”, “Linux Endeavour”, “Endeavour OS”, or even “Linux Endeavour OS”, but once chosen, it has to be consistent. It is also not a Must that it has any visible relation to Arch, so it doesn’t have to use the same colors… It’s not even a good Idea to use the symbol by itself, until it’s a well known entity.

    Also: Someone said it should fit in a square, like an Icon. That is not needed, as it is an OS, not a software, folder or file type of any kind. If it turns out to be square, then fine, but it doesn’t have to.

  • Time for version 4.1:
    Zoidmo's Endeavour Logo 4 640x226.png
    Is anything more Linux than Tux? He drives cars, goes on roller coasters, flies air plains… Now his new endeavour is flying a jet pack:


  • @joekamprad

    Yes, i think to reach more people, a open source platform like Mastodon is a good option.
    I hope you remember the Telegram problems and reservations.

    You can host it on your own server but its not a must.

    Mastodon could also be your publishing channel for main news.

    I have an option for you / the community. There is a non-profit association in Germany called Anoxinon e.V. https://anoxinon.de/ , they advocate in privacy, data protection and public clarification. They deliver some services for everybody like XMPP-Accounts, Mumble VoiP, and a open Mastodon Server.

    I called them and they would be very happy if they can support you. EndeavourOS is very welcome on the server of Anoxinon. https://anoxinon.de/dienste/anoxinonsocial/
    If you need any help or have some questions it´s no problem for me to change out your contact data with Anoxinon.

    Also pixelfed could be a option for you @joekamprad , its a open source instagram alternative in the fediverse. https://pixelfed.org/

  • @Bryanpwo I, like many people, have been following this discussion and I have seen quite a few suggestions (and a few arguments) about a proposed logo. Please note that the following is strictly my own opinion and is in no way an “attack” on anyone else.

    Certainly logos are fine and necessary. But stop and think for a moment. Has anyone here installed Antergos just because of its logo? And did that logo influence one’s perception of the OS in any way?

    Has anyone installed any GNU/Linux operating system just because of its logo?

    Did even seeing a logo influence you one way or the other about installing and trying any system?

    And has a logo influenced one to “like” or “dislike” any operating system?

    I personally approve or disapprove an operating system only on its merits after I use it for a period of time (assuming I am able to install it in the first place!). There are some distros I like and there are many more that I dislike. I am currently using three different (for certain reasons) OSes on my various computers (and there is at least one fourth OS which I would not be averse to using - I have tried almost twenty different distros over the years) but, of all of my active OSes, Antergos is, for me, the very best.

    I believe that almost everyone reading this agrees with me about the merits of Antergos.

    I think that all of the discussions/proposals/arguments about a logo are just a tempest in a teapot. There are so few of us who love and lament the loss of Antergos that I personally think that we should be concentrating on making EndeavourOS the very best desktop operating system there is and that we should (again, this is only my opinion) be spending less time on a logo and more time on creating a new and, I hope, improved desktop operating system. (I do not count myself among the “we” as I have absolutely no expertise in creating a distro, only using them.)

    I sincerely hope that the new EndeavourOS will perform at least as well, as intuitively, and as simply as Antergos has. I hope that it has all of Antergos’ capabilities and maybe even more. I hope that it can build on Antergos’ proven success as an Arch-base operating system.

    Again I mention that the above is strictly my own opinion and I am very much looking forward to the release of EndeavourOS.

    And, at least for my part, I just do not care what the logo looks like!

  • @lhb1142 I also don’t have any skills in programing, but I do in graphic design, and so can and am willing to contribute, even if it doesn’t count for as much. You are right about the OS being most important, but it will still need a logo, and a logo is not just any name or graphic, but it’s supposed to represent something specific. Once associated with a brand, changing it is not a good option, so it should be thought out and well chosen. The last thing you want is to hear is “It looks like that other logo”.

  • Brand? Planning to launch a commercial product?

  • @Zoidmo I agree that the logo is important. Although it is not a product it represents the distribution. It should be something that as soon as people see it they know it represents Endeavour. It becomes synonymous with the name. So the logo is just as important as the name. You want it to be something visually that can be easily recognized and people know. I do like @piotr sail version of the logo with Endeavour. But i also think that @Zoidmo Tux with the jet pack and the blinking eyes could be used on the website or the forum or other. I think both have come up with some great ideas and nice art work. I like the fun aspect also.

  • @Jeannie____ Since when is “brand” only associated with commercial products? How does not having a clearly distinguishable and unique logo not help recognition? Antergos did catch on, maybe not hugely, but it did none the less, and had it been called “just another Linux OS” and had shown no effort in marketing like a logo, philosophy… it would have gone unnoticed. Now it’s our turn to make Endeavour count and stand out; You don’t have to participate and be constructive if you don’t want to, but I highly doubt the developers want to do a bunch of work to build and maintain an OS, so it stays in obscurity.

  • @Zoidmo I agree Antergos didn’t get the recognition it deserved. More needs to be done to promote Endeavour and make it stand out. The recognition will come if it’s good but people need to know about it! The logo helps that recognition with the right media attention.

  • @ricklinux said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    @Zoidmo i know exactly what are you saying, me and my brother struggled some time ago creating a logo for a non profit organization.
    It was tedious work, and we had to explain every line, every dot, meaning , idea, every damn pixel of the damned logo.
    Finally, they accepted and now seems that they created it and that brings some bitter-sweet memories.
    Just don’t over stress it. Lost countless nights to a logo or color and in the end it’s not worth it, people nowadays are superficial.
    But nonetheless, we should make the best of it, and have a stand out logo, name and overall nice complete distro.

  • @ricklinux Exactly, so I want it to stand out and if possible be unmistakable. I have other Ideas, but for right now I have my own business to run, and so it may take some time until I get back at it.

    If anyone likes the Jet pack Tux, he can be a good Mascot. I have a good but hard to describe Idea for a logo graphic, and without altering the Arch logo (They don’t like that), well without using it at all.

  • This has turned into an awesome brainstorming topic. Please keep bringing your ideas, picures etc.

  • @lhb1142 said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Certainly logos are fine and necessary. But stop and think for a moment. Has anyone here installed Antergos just because of its logo? And did that logo influence one’s perception of the OS in any way?
    Has anyone installed any GNU/Linux operating system just because of its logo?

    The same way I just couldn’t trust something called puppy linux to drive my primary work machine, I have chosen Antergos for the logo… (the name not so much - it was hard to pronounce and to spell). I’m talking about the first impression here. I eventually grew into loving the name also.
    A professionally made logo tells me that the team is well organized, the product is clearly shaped and attention to details is being paid¹. To me the Antergos logo communicated that this is a distro that looks into the future, and is well anchored into the present, speaking the current language (this could also be seen in the default themes that came preinstalled with the system). The fresh look of this forum contributed to this idea. Only after this first impression came the confirmation that this is indeed a well built distro, after using it for a while with great results. The first impression matters. It also gives materiality to an otherwise abstract concept of “online community” or “team” where you can’t see the others and have no glimpse of who you’re talking to.

    The same principle made me stay away from distros with archaic looks, featuring Tux and Gnu and any other such old-school references to the beginnings of *nix (I for one am not into retro-anything). I realize this is in contradiction to how many in this forum feel. I’m sure there are also others who feel like me. However, here we are, all of us. With different views and taste and motivations. To each its own, right?

    I’d say we waste a lot of e-ink debating logos. This community is not a democracy. It could be observed by the way the name of the project was chosen. In a democracy, there would have been a poll. But… that’s good in my book. The core team is assuming responsibility. I respect that. I expect the same decision-making process to occur in this instance also. We can submit proposals, but in the end a new thread might be opened titled “Meet our new logo”. And all would be in for a surprise. I just say to keep this in the back of our heads, so we won’t get hit with the rejection stick when our beautifully crafted logos are sent to the fan-workart section.

    ¹I know it may actually be an accident, a good logo might come simply because an artist was bored and donated some time to the distro, and is not necessarily the result of a well thought strategy by the team. But first impression counts.

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