• Endeavour, in preparation for launch........

    @joekamprad said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    @piotr ha ha in this case it looks fantastic with scars
    Bild Text

    Font and logo fitting perfectly, and it is minimalismic and very clean!
    great work !

    If there is no problem with Arch resemblance then i like it too.

  • make just a competition :p As set endeavour as rocket , you cant set the iso names (how do you call it?) to stars or something in universe manjaro set there names to it … thats my thought ;) dont wana ruin… love all te logo’s of pior and that continuum… you can point out thats a family of arch offcourse… the boat type logo is nice too

  • @anticupidon said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    let’s have a laugh
    the penguin endeavourOS rocket?

    ahaha! it looks like a fire-sabre!

  • here’s one from my side.
    it has everything: rockets, arch, even a nice letter e for Endeavour…

  • @nate_x No You didn’t?!?!?? Adding anything from M$ is a death wish!

  • just for Fun :)

    alt text

    :) (stolen hahaha)

  • ok here’s another one!

  • here’s a vector i got from pixabay (free to use/modify/whatever) with a bit of e on top

  • Guh, guh,guh…There was that guy, once. Bligh. Captain Bligh, it was… 😂

  • alt text mmm had a disk in mind 🔨

  • @nate_x That’s still the internet explorer E, besides it looks childish.

  • @Zoidmo haha, once seen it cannot be unseen. for what it’s worth it’s not the IE font

  • @nate_x I know! I haven’t used Windows for around 5 years now, and it still haunts me!!! 😨

  • @joekamprad said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    Font and logo fitting perfectly

    The font, as well as the inscription format ( @ricklinux ) may need a change. This is Ubuntu font. :)

  • @nate_x said in Endeavour, in preparation for launch........:

    ok here’s another one!

    This one looks good! Though I think the flames should be a bit more rigid to avoid a cartoonish look. 🤔

  • concept shift

  • Just final thoughts on the sail concept:

    1. get rid of Ubuntu font -> replace with Nimbus (italic, as the graphics looks “italic”, too)
    2. capitalize 1st character to avoid IE connotations

    Example usage:



  • @nate_x I was going to say have we gone off the rails here with all these but I kind of like this one! 🙂

  • @piotr Yes this is what I was thinking with a capital E and more italic or gailic font if there is such a thing.

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