• So you thought you had three months?

    My first problem, which is likely due to the gradual shutdown of Antegros. When doing an upgrade just now, I get an error telling me that the package “quazip” is corrupted or has an invalid PGP signature.

    I learned earlier today, that this specific package is in the Arch repo AND in the Antegros repo, and the Antegros repo takes precedence.

    Solutions: Figure out how to force getting the package from the Arch repo (not a great idea), or uninstall any packages which depend on quazip. Fortunately the list is short and I removed krita (for now) and the upgrade proceeded normally.

    In the mean time, I have other computers on which I have keepassxc, which also depends on quazip. For now it seems that I am trapped until or unless the short-timers here fix quazip in the Antergos repro.

    Cheers, everyone!

  • @bobcollins42

    Doesn’t sudo pacman-key --init; sudo pacman-key --populate; sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys fix it?

    OBS: Remove the corrupted package from /var/cache/pacman/pkg/quazip_version_etc_etc first.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @fernandomaroto
    Well, following your directions made the problem go away. I installed krita, which installed quazip as a dependency, and it progressed fine.

    Can you explain why I ended up where I needed this incantation? Does this happen when the package signer’s key expires? Does this happen often and is this the usual solution?

    BTW, thank you very much for the help! While I have used Linux for quite a while, there is always something more to learn.

  • @bobcollins42 I had this sort of problems long before there was an Antergos closure announcement. No need to get nervous about Antergos disintegrating. It’s the rolling model and also nothing a quick google search won’t help you fix.
    [edit: my answer might have sounded aggressive] I was not saying it was wrong for you to ask, just saying it’s easy to find solutions for this type of problems because they are often encountered.

  • @bobcollins42 You could also try to put the [antergos] section in /etc/pacman.conf below the Arch repo entries; either below [multilib] or even below the comment block at the bottom of the file. Don’t forget to run a “sudo pacman -Syyu” to update the database just to be sure.

    If I’m not mistaken (running vanilla Arch here) this should make the Arch repo take precedence over the antergos repo, therefore making “quazip” from the Arch repo the “preferred” one. In worst case you have to force a reinstall of the package to switch from the “antergos” one to the “Arch” one.

  • @bobcollins42 you guessed it - the GPG key sounds like it needed updating before the package itself could be properly upgraded/installed. It does happen from time to time; @fernandomaroto’s solution to update the key is the best way to go.

  • @bobcollins42 said in So you thought you had three months?:

    Can you explain why I ended up where I needed this incantation?

    gpg signature errors are not that rare, so keep this commands if you face the same errors again (with arch ad any arch-based didstro)

    In this specific matter i have a theory:

    1. the package was signed by devel1
      1.1) Your system knows the package is signed by devel1

    Then for some reason (may Antergos ending, some developer is trying his best to keep the files working)
    2) the same package was reassigned by devel2
    2.1) you systems still thinks is signed by devel1

    Runnign this commands refresh everything and now you system know about devel2

    *It’s my theory in this case

  • Thank you everyone for the help and insight.

    I am currently trying out the Arch Way™ on one computer and have my system up and running. I am continuously finding back corners where I need better understanding. It’s sort of like peeling an onion—but I am learning a lot.

    I would like to return to using an installer like Antergos, but I am having fun in the mean time.

  • @bobcollins42 You’ll be back 😉 … Arch isn’t as fun as Antergos was. But good on you for taking a shot at it. That is one of the reasons why i liked Antergos so much. I could install it in about 10 minutes and it’s all right up to date.

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