• QT4 Package - Taking Forever To Build + Update

    Hey Guys,

    As the subject states, got a notification that I needed to update qt4, but it’s taking forever to build + update. Is this normal? If not, do I need this package even?


  • It takes about one or two hours to rebuild qt4.

    qt4 became obsoleted a year or two ago. It has been even moved to AUR at that time. It is safe to uninstall it completely from all DEs:

    sudo pacman -Rcnssu qt4

    If none of installed packages depend on qt4, then the command will remove qt4 package only.

    Otherwise, remove depending packages one by one, prior to removing qt4.

  • I’m new to Linux, but what do each of those flags do? TIA.

  • Everything is explained in the pacman’s -R command help:

    pacman -Rh
    • c = cascading removal, removes a package along with all pkgs which depend on it, if any
    • n = nosave, removes also all pkg configuration files, if any
    • ss = enforced removal, removes unnecessary dependencies, including even dependencies installed by hand (explicitly installed), if any
    • u = removes unneeded packages as well (garbage), if any
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