The Linux world shook on its ground when the end of this great project, Antergos, was announced. It took us by surprise and will be the reason why it affected us so much.

This was our post on Social Media to sympathize with Antergos and address some of the concerns our ArcoLinux users had.

Today some grave news hit us.

—Antergos is ending its project—

People are now coping with this bad news and it leads them to think what about the future of ArcoLinux.

Let me give you a response to this sad news and to the posts I have read online.

Future will tell how long ArcoLinux will stay. Nobody can tell you that. There is just one danger for ArcoLinux.

What if Arch Linux stops… then a lot of distro’s depending on their work will cease to exist including ArcoLinux.

We do not need 100 developers as we are counting on Arch Linux to do the heavy lifting. We can always use more manpower but it is not needed, really. We will just do more work in less time but it is fine as it is.

There are other distro’s out there that rely on Ubuntu. Ubuntu does the heavy lifting for them.

And that is Linux. We stand tall on the shoulders (read work) of others.

I am just sad to read about the end of Antergos. I am looking up to these guys and I thank them to make Arch Linux accessible to the mainstream public.

As for ArcoLinux nothing has changed. There is no immediate threat whatsoever.

We have already a few Antergos users asking questions about switching without installing ArcoLinux.

We added a special forum for all Antergos users here :

And made a video about moving from Antergos to ArcoLinux without installing.

Our advice is as always for any Operating system :

Do a clean install and make sure your files/folders are in the cloud or on an harddisk.

This video is a fun way to learn about ArcoLinux, Arch Linux and Antergos and do the clean install anyway on a later date. Or not.

You are welcome to try out ArcoLinux.