• What's the magic behind auto login?

    As I look for a life raft to cling to until Endeavor gets up to speed, I was playing around with the Zen installer. Using that, I managed to get Arch installed perfectly fine. I’m using LightDM and Cinnamon. But after watching several YouTube videos and digging through the LightDM/enable auto login Arch wiki, I absolutely can not get auto login to work.

    I think it has something to do with my Nvidia drivers because while using the Zen installer with Oracle Virtualbox, un-commenting/editing these 3 lines in the lightdm.conf file is all that’s needed to get auto login working:


    … doing the exact same thing on my bare metal system results in a black screen at boot. The virtual box uses the SVGA vmware video driver where as my system is using the latest LTS nvidia driver. Other than that, the software setup was the same.

    I looked at the lightdm.conf file that Antergos has in place and noticed a few other things that are different. I might try again after hearing from some of you.

    Another newbie question. I -LOVE- all the default fonts/apps and theme that Antergos installs. Is there a way to export that list so I can easily re-create the same look/feel with another Arch based distro?

  • you are also a member of ‘AUTOLOGIN’ group ?

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