• keepassXC installation is not possible

    Hello Parcel Maintainer,

    unfortunately I can use Antergos XFCE and Antergos Gnome for the
    Do not install the password manager “KeepassXC”.

    The message “faulty or damaged package” appears every time.
    It is neither possible via the terminal nor via the packet manager.

    What is the reason ?

    Thanks for your support !



  • The reason for the problem seems to be that Arch’s KeePassXC package depends on “quazip” (which goes totally unexplained as that Qt/C++ wrapper isn’t a dependency of the official source, at least I can’t seem to find it mentioned anywhere on the KeePassXC GitHub page) and that Antergos has its own “quazip” version in the “antergos” repo that overrides Arch’s package.

    While things are up in the air (the infrastructure behind Antergos slowly winding down) I think you are left with only two choices …

    Either use the official “AppImage” packaged version (keepassxc.org -> Download) under your user account or enable the AUR and install the “keepassxc-git” version (compiles from source, which comes with the latent danger of the compile bombing out apart from it taking a bit to compile (depending on the speed of your processor)).

    Things should normalize once the Antergos devs transistioned the install base over to Arch, which they, IMO, should do rather sooner than later.

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