• Endeavour project names.........

    Again we’re overwhelmed by the love for this project.
    Thanks to @nate_x here’s a list with the names so far and you can propose new names in this thread till Ascensionday (thursday).

    • Antarch

    • Antarchgos

    • Antarctos

    • Anteamos

    • Antecos

    • Arbasoak

    • Arcadia Linux

    • Arcados

    • Arcanxo

    • Arc de pingouin

    • Archelon

    • Arcopolis

    • Arctanos

    • Arkis

    • Aura

    • Extorgos

    • Extrados

    • Herdanza

    • Irman

    • Legado

    • Linaxe OS

    • Ohan Linux

    • Snowball OS

    • Xtergos

  • @Bryanpwo as we the mods are also users we should add our name ideas?

  • let project makers of the new OS, select some Names, bring it too 3, then mayby each can vote… name does not mather, even you will call Polygos :) nvm… but will see everyone got 1001 names, atleast a name with a Background a story like a Ant that works in a group to a new future as example … but whatevery you will call :) new build up team should select few what they like …

  • @ringo32
    That will eventually happen, very soon… Nog even geduld😉

  • @Bryanpwo After the name is selected then it should be opened up to have someone come up with a logo design that suits all the criteria including the name. There are some talented people who are good at that.

  • @ricklinux
    In our team we already have teamed up with someone who is going to do this. As you can guess, we are very active at the moment, because time is short.

  • @Bryanpwo Excellent…can’t wait to see the transition.

  • @Bryanpwo Have you looked at Flarum for your forum? I see Solus is using it.

  • @ricklinux
    Thanks, we’ll look into that.

  • https://flarum.org/docs/install.html#server-requirements


    Flarum is beta software. That means it still has some incomplete features and bugs 🐛🐞, and at some point – sooner or later – it will probably break! 💥

    Beta is all about fixing these issues and improving Flarum. Please don’t use Flarum in production unless you know what you’re doing. We can’t support you if things go awry. Upgrading to subsequent versions will be possible, but might involve getting your hands dirt

  • @joekamprad Good to know…

  • @ricklinux said in Endeavour project names.........:

    @Bryanpwo Have you looked at Flarum for your forum? I see Solus is using it.

    let’s keep this thread focused on names. I’ve opened up a thread for the new forum: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/11789/the-new-project-endeavour-forum

  • My suggestion is RapidOS.

    Rather than hark back to brand name of Arch or Antergos for the new name I decided to look at something that conveyed what they offer and that is speedy, bleeding edge packages. It is also similar in spelling to the latin word for swift which is rapidus.

  • Here, have some more of it 😄 :
    Arkster Linux
    Remark OS
    Quark OS

    Optarch: Arch with lots of options 😄
    Arhelos: Arch Helper OS
    Omos: om as in the mantra word
    Quark: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/quark
    Archipelagos: A word containing both Arch and [Anter]gos while also describing the community as a group (archipelago) made of single people (islands)

  • @doyler78 Ya… i like that.

  • Cronos - The greek god of time.

    “Kronos” is the original Greek spelling.

    “Cronos” and “Chronos” are the anglicised versions.

    CronOS - as in cron https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron

    or other variation of name…just throwing it in there.

    I’ve seen some really good ones suggested from others as well.

  • Anthology

    anthology/ (ænˈθɒlədʒɪ) /
    noun plural -gies
    a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors
    any printed collection of literary pieces, songs, works of art, etc

    See the bolded part. If anything, Antergos was a work of art if we put the one or another niggle with Cnchi aside, and given that spirit is being carried on the name would be a subtle hint of that idea.

  • AntarduOS

    Ant, a tip of the hat to Antergos;
    Ant, opposite of;
    Arduous, hard, difficult (sometimes, e.g., Arch).

    I’m going to miss (sincerely!) Antergos, which pulled me forever away from the 'Buntus, and eventually gave me enough confidence to install a from-scratch, encrypted Arch linux system.

    I’m rooting for whatever becomes of the Endeavour project! Thanks for leading the community forward.

  • @nate_x Quark is also a german word for a very thick and rich sour cream: Excellent with potatos! 😃

  • @Zoidmo ich weiss :)

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