• Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........

    @zoli62 Well, there are already lot’s of suggestions, so they need to be compiled, and voted on, but then again there are also like 3 forks in the works too, so we will have to see how this all pans out. I guess those capable of forking need to come to terms and work together, because I’d rather see one big team working together, than several small ones working against each other.

  • My proposal for the new name is playing around with words. The name must “sound well”, must be easy to remind and easy to be spoken and may contain fragments of “truth” of the past. What about all such existing names like amazon, google and so on? Nobody knows the origins…

    My favourite is


    which contains fragments of Arch and Antergos, also it is a nice mathematical function. There are many ways to pronounce and build bridges in the brains to remember.

    TANOS is a name what plays a roll in “Guardians of the Galaxy” ;) You can also split the name to arctan-OS in your thoughts…


  • What I would really like is a pure-arch experience after the installation. Arch users are very elitist when it comes to installing arch and they hate installers, downvote and offend those who use them. Arch users are not welcoming, they are not compassionate, they are not kind and they are not really helpfull. Most of their posts are “read the wiki”, most of the times not even linking to a proper section. Having said this, arch linux is an awesome distro, the best one I have used. AUR is awesome and so are the official repositories.

    As such, what I would really like from this new project is just an arch installer (CLI is good enough for me) with a new community. A community with a proper forum. A community that is welcoming and wholesome. But please, do not add your own repos.

    EDIT: Also, for the forum, please do not use the same software as Antergos does. I’d much rather see the new project using https://www.discourse.org/

  • @markoff
    Thank you for the feedback, this is exactly our goal with this project. The Antergos community really has all your wishes. That’s why we are preparing a distro with this great community in mind.

    The feedback on this thread is incredible, this gives us more than enough fuel to make this project to a succes, thank you for all the great response and you being open to this project.

  • I am really happy to hear that there are no plans to deviate from arch by adding your own repos!

    Do you have any timeframe @Bryanpwo? As in, when will you decide on a name and all that? It would be awesome to start moving to the new forum, matrix room, etc ;). I am really pumped for this project!

  • I read comments that people don’t care about the name, but to start a new forum we need a domain name to begin with, otherwise we don’t have a space to work on.
    Next Thursday (Ascensionday) is the last day to submit a name, then the voting begins. After that we will bring you a new forum very soon. It could be that it will start as a forum and that the distro isn’t ready yet by then.
    Our first goal is to give you the opportunity to move to the new forum, since this one is going to be shutdown.
    We are very busy preparing all this and we want to present you guys a good alternative as a distro, instead of a half baked rushed one.

  • Arch does not have an easy to understand installer. That is the reason why Manjaro is growing: it has. But Manjaro is not 100% Arch compatible. Our new Distro should follow the path Antergos already has gone. 100% compatibility to Arch, a (small) own repo containing a handful of software that are useful but not mandatory (can be removed without destroying complete system) and - I fully agree - continue this nice and friendly community. A helful community combined with installation helpers are the winners.

  • @markoff Antergos used the Arch repo’s, the Antergos repo’s were in addition, and needed for the install scripts… Pure arch doesn’t even have an installer, nor a desktop Environment, you have to build the system yourself. Antergos made Arch usable out of the box, by having an installer, DE choices and some common software, and also setting up things that would be very difficult and time consuming for many people. If you want pure Arch, which I don’t think you do, you can get it from ARCH.

  • @Bryanpwo said in Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........:

    Next Thursday (Ascensionday) is the last day to submit a name, then the voting begins. After that we will bring you a new forum very soon. It could be that it will start as a forum and that the distro isn’t ready yet by then.

    Is there a centralized place for the names already proposed? I think that would be useful in conjuction with a tool that allows people to submit entries.

  • @nate_x
    Very sharp idea, I’m on it right now, thanks for that.

  • @Bryanpwo , I follow your construction for a new project with a great interest, but i have a a big wish and an appeal @all. Please have “privacy by default” in mind. In our time its very important , so i hope you do the right thing. Please no Google, Facebook , Amazon, Twitter or other big data miners.
    Make shure your new website an forum is build with privacy in mind. We have so many open source alternatives like the Fediverse with Plernoma an Mastodon for short microblogging or Peertube for new vlogs and promotion. This new beginning could be a possibility to do the right thing from the first thought.
    The name of the project could be like a brand for a distribution with privacy be default, Arch feeling an a open and friendly community.

  • @privacyinmind
    Thank you for your reaction, we will certainly keep this in mind, since a large part of the team has privacy also as a must.

  • @privacyinmind indeed! we will take care of privacy in every stage!
    As a reborn out of the community, we will take care to be most transparent on all changes in development, and tracking upcoming security issues related to the OS itself and the infrastructure of our community,
    We reject external sponsors and any commercialization, not to be dependent on third parties.
    It will be only the community itself leading the way we go.

    (hope to talk in the mind of my beloved @community-moderators team )

  • @joekamprad
    Sounds great!

    In addition, we need to have a working way to moderate the forums and the new development, so that no external malicious (group of) people can trash it.

  • I am very happy to hear this! Antergos has been my go-to after distro-hopping like a mad man. I do have a few questions about future plans…

    • Will these forums be moved to the new website? There’s a ton of great information here that I continue to rely on myself. I would think others might be able to benefit from it, too.
    • Will there be a new update that will come to existing users that will address the new changes when Endeavour takes flight? Or, are we going to have to install and start all over from scratch? Saving files isn’t a big deal, but having to remember to install everything you might need; that’s another thing entirely.
    • I like the idea of staying with a blue theme. There’s green-green-green everywhere! Also, not a big fan of very dark themes. That’s just me. Flat is boring, too. Again; just me. That’s why I like Breeze using the Breeze Light colors.
    • For a name, here’s the Galacian translation (thank you google) for ‘tenacious’; Tenaz Linux.

    I cannot adequately express my own deep thanks for the efforts going on here to keep Antergos alive. I’m not wealthy by any means, but when things get rolling I’ll see what kind of coin I can scrape together.


  • Thank you for the response,

    As the current devs won’t allow us to use the name, the forum will not be moved. This was their project, so the community has to resubscribe to the new forum. As for the install, we’re still in an early stage, but we have to look into the possibilty to easily install our repo to your current system. Again it’s early days, at this moment there are a lot of mountains to be conquered.

  • @Bryanpwo Thank you. Good to know. Let’s all hope we don’t have to repeat ourselves too much. LOL

  • This post is deleted!
  • I just joined the forum and was really disappointed to see Antergos is ending. FML. I guess it’s the curse of the penguin, really hard to keep projects alive since it’s open source?

    But the community seems promising, as does the “endeavour” project. I will be supporting with a small sum if it happens. Thanks in advance to all who are taking the effort to keeping this alive.

    All I hope is that there is going to be a successor to Antergos. An Arch system with the option for an easy user-friendly installer. The ease of use was the reason I decided on Antergos and it was perfect. I had to do a bunch of custom installations after the initial setup of course, but it was worth it! Now I have a perfect OS with stuff I want and none that I don’t. I guess that’s why many of us use Antergos.

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