• Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........

    Thanks for the reaction…Just out of curiousity: are you THE Bob Collins, as in the one with the youtube channel?

  • @Bryanpwo said in Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........:

    Thanks for the reaction…Just out of curiousity: are you THE Bob Collins, as in the one with the youtube channel?

    No, I am not aware of The Bob Collins with a YouTube channel!

    I just did a search and the top listing was for bcollinsmn. He is (or was) a personality on Minnesota Public Radio. I have met him in person, but we are not related. From a well-known point-of-view, there was Bob Collins of Chicago’s WGN, but he died almost 20 years ago.

    Bob Collins is a pretty common name, so you may even be thinking of someone else, but it’s not likely me.

  • I’m sorry my mistake, I’ve mixed up Joe Collins…😄

  • @Bryanpwo Are you thinking about Joe Collins, the EZLinux guy?? He’s all about Ubuntu, not Arch.

  • Yeah, I know he covered Arch based distro’s as well.

  • @cage I don’t think the installer is the necessarily always the problem. I personally haven’t had much of a problem with it. It’s mostly been package problems, keys or repositories. The installer works fine. Some people don’t have good connections or their mirror list is not good. Myself, I like the Cinchi installer.

  • I hope we keep the same ability to install the desktop we want. I am a Cinnamon desktop user because it just works with no issues.

  • it’s time to step in and have my say.
    Antergos made me quit distrohopping and having all my computers running Antergos.
    I just can’t put in words exactly what Antergos has, but it felt right.

    now the announcement got me by surprise. the blessing and the curse of open source, one distro dies, one distro is born.
    to devs, a big ThankYou, you won my deepest respect offering Antergos.
    Too late, too little for regrets.
    lesson learned, donate more money and involve much more in helping others to keep a distro going.
    I am new here, but I am willing to help. Translate, donate is the first things that come to mind.
    As the continuity of the project, I want to enroll.
    Name suggestion: still, haven’t found a suitable name

  • @Bryanpwo How about Extrados meaning where the Arches rise! (The outer edge or upper curve of an arch)

  • @ricklinux Now spell it slowly. Extra DOS. Isn’t Windows just extra DOS with bells and whistles? 😃

    I’ll drop a line about naming for everyone.

    When you are thinking about name itself try to put it in bigger picture and answer couple of questions:

    • how this will impact the rest of the design? (colors, logo etc.) smartOS - tech name, tech is mostly blue and sharp, puppy linux - sweet name, sweet is pink and fluffy, Linux Mint - not many color choices here
    • how hard this will be to simply type it in for non-english speakers? (I’ve problems with endeavour which spellchecking trying to make endeavor (US writing)),
    • and how prone it could be to mistype for something completely different? *uck a *uck which means tuck a duck.
    • does this name could have negative connotations in different cultures or countries? elementaryOS had once codename ISIS, or example from my yard - light bulbs company OSRAM literally means “I will shit” in polish
    • is it relevant not only nice? not so important
    • say it out loud, still sounds good? It’s good.
    • does it sounds familiar enough to be easily remembered? It don’t need to be fork, monitor or a rock, just not a name in advanced Swahili,
    • how good it will be for SEO? Are there many similar search engine results?
    • and last but not least - will we love it? 😄 Nobody knows.

    Don’t use those tips like constraints though, break rules when you know them, be creative and disruptive. Look at others and make it completely different. Or not.

  • @Bryanpwo why not keeping the name?
    (question maybe already asked)

  • @luke_d Sorry you see it that way. It’s not pronounced like that. What you’ve written here is like how the people at Arch treat users. It’s not Windows and it’s not DOS. It’s pronounced almost like Antergos. What ever … i won’t bother giving any opinion here. Extrados and Intrados …look it up in the dictionary. It relates to Arch! Nothing to do with Windows or DOS.

  • @ricklinux it matters a lot how associations are being made in the mind of the one listening. You know the thought process you used in order to come up with the name, but if you need to explain to others why it’s not some kind of DOS, it means it’s not the best name. This is because you can’t be available 24/7 to correct everyone thinking wrong about the name :) @luke_d has a very good point.
    There is some dos in both the names you named. The guidelines are supposed to be helpful. I completely understand his points as a professional. Please keep in mind that a good name and branding will bring in more adopters. It’s because people often make choices by such criteria. As superficial as it is.

  • A Name here is not naming a pet or your beloved plant, a name here is about a brand-name with some rules on a bigger context at all: rights/laws, meaning in another language, already taken, e.t.c. e.t.c.
    So do not take it too✌ hard… just come up with ideas

    I am happy to get the legacy shipped to a bright future!

    Thanks, @Bryanpwo to announce this to us the community of Antergos, I hope that you all will follow to the new place and we can reborn Antergos.

    A new RookieOS a soft landing into the Archlinux ecosystem!

    And most of all a great great great amazing community from all over the world!

  • @nadir
    The Antergos devs don’t want to give up the name.

  • Most of the great names that quickly come to mind are already taken.
    So please, when proposing, check first that it is a free name.

  • Mayby a Twinkie to windows just Call it Shadows :) nah was bit a joke :) what namei dont know would be the last to announce hope first the foundation of something comes; good platform :)

  • @manuel said in Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........:

    The Antergos devs don’t want to give up the name.

    That doesn’t really make sense. What is there to defend if they drop the name down the trash? At most the name will appear on “Discontinued” lists, or on [codename Endeavour]'s page as “formerly known as Antergos”.

    Is this just an ass move or is there a sane reason behind this?

    Feels like they’re taking their beloved child in their grave with them instead of giving him up for adoption. What I think would be normal behaviour is: “Dear world, take our child, take care of him, help him grow, our blessings may be with you all at all times for eternity. We’re old an shit, and can’t take proper care of him anymore, but never hesitate to ask us questions when hard times come by.”

    Ok I threw in a bit of bitter sarcasm here, but still the move doesn’t make sense.

  • Anyway, here are some names suggestions:

    Arcadia Linux
    Snowball OS ( as in rollin’ :) )

    One I like from the ones someone here (edit: @andreasdimo79 ) proposed:

  • How about “Archelon”?


    At least its shell looks like the current Antergos logo.

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