• Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........

    @Bryanpwo I already like the initial proposal idea for Endeavour. I was also going to vote to have both online and offline installers. As DVDs are old news I support having a big huge offline installer iso with everything on it (all the DEs!), even if it requires at 16 GB flash drive to install. (hint, if you walk into a store these days, it might be difficult to purchase a flash drive less than 16 GB!)

    Anyway to help get the project and first website/forum off the ground I would like to start donating immediately.
    So as soon as you guys put together a new Patreon or similar let us know.



  • @billfleming
    Thank you for the enthusiastic reaction, as an answer to your first question we’re going to keep the offline installer as light as possible, I think people these days don’t have the patience to wait that long before a download is complete.
    About your second proposal, donations will be available, after we can offer you the product, but thanks for your advanced trust, this gives us more confidence.

  • I used Antergos for a few years and i’m sad this projects ends. Cool to see the community is getting together to setup something new. Are you guys still looking for people to help? I can code and can spend a few hours a week :)

  • There was someone working on working out root ZFS installation issues with the installer as well as boot environments should an update break something. That would be very cool. Installation of system to native encrypted ZFS through the ZoL implementation.

  • I am waiting with “Bated Breath”.

    Excited to see what happens next. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I know i can jump high and swing from the sky. Just give me a tree or a branch…“I’m waiting to see”!

    Xtergos …where art thee? ☺

  • @ricklinux said

    Just give me a tree or a branch…

    You said… "Branch" ?
    I like like it hell of a lot as a name!!!

  • @anarch
    BranchLinux ?

  • ***YES!!!***😍
    Branch OS, Branch Linux.

    • It retains the letters ARCH, though hidden
    • It sounds vvvvvery similar to arch/ branch
    • we are literary a “branch” of Arch & Antergos.
  • @manuel @anarch comes to my mind at first here too ;)

  • @joekamprad
    Not too thin branch I hope … ;)

  • I suppose you are proposing BranchTux, @joekamprad ? 😂

  • o.k. o.k. then stemOS

  • i do not like tux he looks very oldshool…

  • @joekamprad StemOS sounds too much like SteamOS would be confusing

  • @galvez_65 was not a real offer for a name…

  • That’s good to hear :)

  • @anarch Ya… that is another good idea. Branch OS or Branch Linux. I’m okay with that. We are the strongest branch aren’t we? 😄

  • @anarch We may just be a Branch but we’re part of the tree…and we have root privileges!

  • or just keep it simple, Linux Tree Project :)

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