• Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........

    Since the sad, but understandable anouncement earlier this week, I like most of you, was a bit emotional about it. Antergos gave me a very sturdy learning experience with Linux that still goes on this day.
    Beside the great work the devs gave me, it was this friendly and great community that made distrohopping a thing of the past for me. Thanks to you I’ve discovered that Linux is so much more than a DE and an underlying distro.
    So why break up this great thing we have going on right here?
    After my question on the forum, I noticed (not surprisingly) that the love for Antergos, but foremost the community didn’t die.

    So I’ve teamed up with the following moderators to brainstorm about the future of this community: @anarch , @fernandomaroto , @joekamprad , @manuel , @Keegan and in addition @luke_d .
    These are all members who gave all, in their own way, an invaluable input to the community. We’ve talked to Karasu and he gave us the permission to use the Antergos code, but not the name. Antergos was their project and having carry on the name would indicate that they are somehow still affiliated with the project. This also gives us the freedom to start from scratch, instead of cloning Antergos.

    We are proud to anounce our project, code name Endeavour!
    This is going to be a distro with you, the community in mind.

    The first stage is to move the community to another forum, since this one is going to be offline within three months.
    The plan for this forum is to make an environment that is inviting and friendly, by designing the main page to have a section that covers Linux and tech related news and a section with current threads, ofcourse there will also be a link that directs you directly to the forum with the same feel that you’re used to. In a later stage we also want to launch a Youtube channel with vlogs.

    For the distro itself the plan is to make a distro that is as close and clean to Arch, as you are used to, with the creature comforts of Antergos.
    This distro will contain an offline installer, that @fernandomaroto already has developed under the name Portergos with some alterations and it will also contain an online installer that is derived from Cnchi. For this we teamed up with Reborn’s main developer @Keegan , since Reborn has a different starting point as a distro and its own community with their specific needs, the two projects won’t intervene, but now makes use of two developerteams to maintain and improve the installer. It also makes sense that two distro’s that have their roots in Antergos are collaborating.

    Earlier I’ve mentioned that the AnthOS devs would join in, but their project is already in an advanced state, with a different philosophy, so we would hold them back.

    Like I’ve said earlier this distro, code name Endeavour, is all about you, so input and collaboration is key here.
    The team I’ve presented is the core team of this operation, but for the next stages we value your cooperation. If you like this concept and would like to join or pitch in, you’re more than welcome, so if you know coding, or you want to help by maintaining the news and article feed as a blogger or vlogger, please let us know. Ofcourse enthusiasm and helping out other users on the forum is also the most important way to contribute. Donations will be an option for the next stage.

    I really hope you’re as enthusiastic as we are in maintaining the Antergos legacy and this wonderful community.
    So as a first step in the collaboration, we ask you to submit a new name for this distro. You can submit untill next Thurday and then we’re going to vote between the best four or five names. Let your imagination go wild and think of a name that suits the vibe of this community……

  • This is exciting stuff! I’m eager to see where this new endeavor will lead.

    As for the name suggestion, how about Garnet OS? Since the new distro will be based on Antergos, I thought an anagram of the word would be appropriate.

  • @Bryanpwo I have a question regarding software. I haven’t tried RebornOs and i’m sure it’s great. My concern is the software manager. I’m not really a big fan of flatpak or snaps. I like the software manager currently that exists in Antergos and Manjaro and some other Arch based distros. Is their any plan on changing this as RebornOS has flatpak doesn’t it? Just a question because for me i like the way it works and if it’s radically different may be an issue. I do like the name.

  • @ricklinux
    That is the exact reason why we’ve decided to work along wth Reborn, just to make a stronger installer, instead of merging the two projects. Reborn offers an out of the box experience, we are intended to keep it as close to Arch, so no preinstalled apps or snap or flatpaks.

  • @Bryanpwo But i believe if someone want flatpaks or snaps he can install it. Right?

  • Ofcourse, just like now.

  • And I have a name suggestion. Αura

  • @Bryanpwo Awesome. I’d like to see it continue from the stage that it’s at and just have consistency with incremental improvements. I don’t see that it needs radical change.

  • @andreasdimo79 said in Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........:

    @Bryanpwo But i believe if someone want flatpaks or snaps he can install it. Right?

    Same way it works in Reborn! Just to clarify (as it seems this is a somewhat common misunderstanding), while we offer the user the option to install and enable flatpaks with a single click on first boot, it is only an option. We just want to make everything as easy as possible, while not adding any mandatory things to the user’s experience. The same goes with every single additional feature we have. They are all options that are NOT installed or set up by default, but made easy for the users. Not that this necessarily has any importance in this thread, but seeing as I obviously spend so much of my time and effort working on Reborn, I felt the urge to clarify.

  • its would always awesome if the name contains Ant with a blink to the pasT… Ant is also a insect carry’s lot of weights and works in a group. :)

    Also ant is also a egyptian myhtolgie story :)

    but i hope all get connected will see what it comes :)

  • @Keegan Thanks for clarifying that. I have not tried Reborn but i’m sure it is great. I’m just making the point that i don’t think it would be a wise decision to make radical changes to Antergos. I think it would be a mistake. I think to the have the distro continue even under another name should be the priority with security, privacy, consistency and excellent user experience. Slow incremental changes based on user feedback. Keep it Arch centric and work on the things that matter.

  • For sure! I am not suggesting that this project merge with Reborn at all, but rather just wanted to point out something that is commonly misunderstood. I wish the best for the project, and cannot wait to help out in any way I can

  • @ricklinux Flatpacks are a whole different thing: Isolated aps with no dependencies. The installer will very most likely remain as it is, Flatpack compatibility and an installer for them are in addition, as whoever came up with them maintains a “Flatpack Store” and their own installer. Ubuntu has a similar app technology and there is another similar one I don’t remember the name of. Flatpacks work with Arch Linux. You should do a search to get a better idea of what they are all about, as well as any security risks!

  • I hope that the new version will contain a better installer. I wanted to test Reborn OS but they use the same installer that Antergos uses and it failed three times. Not always in the same place and the final attempt it failed on the final part of the of the setup. I was really disappointed. An offline installer would be a great idea and would avoid the errors in the installer

  • How about “Arc de Pingouin” (Arch of penguin) Like in “Arc de Triomphe” (arch of triumph) in Paris France?

    Antergos Arch Linux after the fall, rises triumphant!!!

    When I first checked out Antergos, there was a disambiguation of the name, but I can’t find it anymore; something Spanish if I’m correct, so maybe the same thing in another language?

    If a name get’s picked, then it should be time for a Logo Contest!!

  • Ah, the wonders of Wikipedia:

    The Galician word Antergos (meaning: ancestors) was chosen “to link the past with the present”.

    So how about the Galician word for sibling: Irmán

  • @cage said in Endeavour, Antergos community's next stage........:

    An offline installer would be a great idea and would avoid the errors in the installer

    Then you’re just moving the problems to the next reboot where ppl get notified of updates that won’t work cause the system was outdated a day after it was released. You will also get very large ISO files that has to be updated all the time with all the packages for all the DEs.

  • @Tiedemann I think you may be exaggerating a little with the update situation. There was a big discussion here a while back, with many hoping for an offline installer. It doesn’t have to include the whole arch repo, just the installer and software choices. Believe it or not, there are still places and people with sporadic, or no internet access in this world, and it could come in handy in other ways too, because cinchi is a bitch, and given Antergos a lot of trouble in the past, and most of the installation problems had to do with online package and repo related things.

  • I’m very pleased about the reactions so far, I want to clarify the offline installer, though we’re still in developing stage, we’re intending to keep the offline installer as much as it is now. That means one DE (XFCE, but this one can change) so the user will have an install to begin with. Since XFCE is a very stable DE, the succes rate for install is high.

  • @Bryanpwo I really like the overall tone I am reading here—focusing on being an outstanding Arch installer.

    For me, the real value of Antergos is/was the lower-level system configuration. Fussy issues such as lvm, full-disk encryption, hibernate mode, Initramfs configuration, etc. allow us to get an operating Arch system up and running.

    I hope to find a place where I may contribute to the new endeavour!



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