• Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?

    I’m in on whatever keeps it as close to Arch as possible (like Antergos) so I hope there will be some conclusions before “time is out”. Preferably something posted on the forums.
    Donations etc. shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as ppl like the product.
    I ditched Patreon a while ago so I dunno what how many supporter Antergos have.

  • I expect you will hear something before 3 months is done @Tiedemann. In fact, perhaps much sooner (as in, this week). So please hang tight and be prepared for something amazing!

  • @Bryanpwo said in Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?:

    Do you like this idea or would you rather join another distro? (Again this is not a conscious question, I’m really looking into this, so I need the feedback)

    Continuing on with the Antergos project would be the best outcome. There are no other distros/installers/etc. which address the this space. Believe me—I’ve studied the alternatives.

    The points I care about:

    • The ability to do an install (and reinstall) quickly. The Arch Way ™, while valuable for learning, is too time consuming for regular use.

    • An installer which makes sane default decisions with useful configuration options. Arch provides a very well documented erector set, but an opinionated installer gives the user a rational complete build.

    • A mostly pure Arch install. We don’t need another layer of complexity on top of an already-great repo.

    Antergos has filled these needs quite nicely, and uniquely. I hope there is a path forward for this project. I will be watching for ways I might contribute.



  • Guys, I’m still on it: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10881/antergos-brand-design

    It’s pretty sad that some new development will start after official discontinuation but maybe this is an opportunity to rise and shine.

    Check also Trello board to see what is done and what left to be done: https://trello.com/b/ZwmIZMMG/antergos-corporate-identity

    Most of those things I can handle myself.
    Anything from graphic/web design, marketing, social media etc.

  • I still cannot get over the “android” I see in that logo ☹

  • I myself am not much help unless a specific problem arises and ask questions and help give answers.
    I’m a WINE gamer playing a 17yr old game Medal of Honor Spearhead, and aside from a few things lately, the game runs flawlessly, online or single player.

    I left windows for a reason, if the current forum can be archived for reference, that would be a good start.

    I just got done solving a previous problem and marked my issue solved which I try to do and not leaving a hanging thread unsolved…

    It would be a most excellent birthday present to learn Antergos can live in some way for us that have made this our everyday systems, better to have a good birthday knowing that some form of my life didn’t die in vain in finding a windows alternative I like. I came real close to going with Bluestar which I liked as well, but the support was greater with Antergos at the time.

    I decided long ago that Arch was going to be what I went to, but I took the hard root in the beginning, learning/writing a clipboard 1/4" thick of notes installing from scratch cli…total pain in the ass, but found different versions of installers years later, finding Antergos.

    For dumb reasons I liked Arch for the Logo and used pacman for installer…
    …if Antergos lives and you change the package installer just because, call it Kong :P
    Just being silly, but I think you know where I was coming from,
    keep it pacman, or not lol

    WINE, KDE & Conky seem to be my main areas using a combo of cli and gui, but try to use mainly the gui to make sure stuff isn’t getting wonky in some fashion.

    Just my 2 cents worth, but I don’t think I even said anything worth 2 cents,
    I guess I just felt I had to say something in the areas I deal with lol

  • I would do anything I can do to help for Antergos. Don’t want to switch the Distro really and this community was the most helpful and friendliest I’ve ever seen.
    I am not much of a coder though, just a beginning System Administrator. Am just about to finish up my Apprenticeship this summer. Hopefully xD.

  • Seems that many people would love Antergos to continue in some form. That’s great, and not a surprise to anyone.

    So, the spirit of Antergos is not dead. Let’s see what happens, and stay tuned! 🤔 😉

  • I just started using Linux a few weeks ago. I spent several weeks deciding which distribution to choose. In the end, Antergos had all the arguments on its side. It’s a pretty pure arch in the core, but not difficult and with good graphical interfaces. It is easy to use. At the same time it offers in the background all/almost all possibilities of Arch, which is very powerful. I was and am quite enthusiastic! It’s always said: A user-friendly Arch? No, there is no such thing.
    Maybe my judgement as an absolute Linux beginner is interesting because Antergos also enables beginners like me to get into the depths of the Arch universe. We say in Germany: Something like Antergos is an “egg-laying wool milk pig”. Finally a possibility to make Arch accessible for newcomers. Certainly has a good future! So it’s great what the developers have succeeded in doing. How can one give up something like that? I just can’t believe it.

  • And something else: On my search I was a lot on the go on Google and YouTube. Especially among the YouTubers there are many who recommend Antergos. Maybe, if one of you has subscribed to such a channel, you can knock there. Maybe they’ll put in a word for us and we’ll get more attention?

  • Again briefly: Here is the link to a German YouTube channel:

  • I would love participating to some kind of discussions (in a discord or anything) with the founders (Dustin, Alex, & Gustau) to clearly understand what it takes to maintain such a distribution, and why they decided to get back to their own lives.

    If it was just a matter of funding, there are solutions.

    ie just came out: GitHub Announcing Sponsors: a new way to contribute to open source

  • @nad4reg devs simple so not have time to develop Antergos anymore:
    read here:

  • I’ve seen someone mention Reborn OS in this or other thread. I did a google search and checked it out and it looks to me like a fork of Antegros with a further developed cnchi installer (increased number of install options) and some nice default themes for a myriad of DEs/WMs and maybe one or two additional tools. Plus a growing community.

    So I was thinking… if the community decides forking Antergos is the way to go further (I see AntOS fork already created) why not merge teams with Reborn OS while at this crossroad.

    It seems Reborn OS has the same philosophy as Antergos, I was thinking maybe it makes sense to weigh in the options here. The AntOS fork seems like the inpulse/legacy/inertia-driven reaction to the closing announcement. There is already a fork out there, why not make that the new Antergos.

    As I see it Antergos has been enriched by the development Reborn OS has done.
    I think this as a possible way to go forward: efforts could be channeled into making the transition to Reborn OS as smooth as possible for the Antergos userbase and merging the communities would be one of the steps for this.

    I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes with this idea, I know how strong emotions the adoption of a distro as “my main distro” can elicit (as in: i found my home after years of distrohopping and I feel i can stop now). And with adopting I really mean adopting. It’s a very personal decision. I’m one of those people. I love Antergos.

    But the hard fact is Antergos is about to be put down. Anything going onward is not going to be Antergos, because, while the community has a huge role in shaping a system, its lead devs/fathers still imprint the main philosophy and have the final say in what goes into it and they just announced they quit (for their own good reasons I’m sure).

    Of course the Reborn OS creators have to be asked first (maybe they’re not keen on this), but I think this idea deserves some thoughts.

  • @nate_x RebornOS is invented by @Keegan and is a fork of Antergos yes.

    We stay in contact and interest on keeping alive what starts here is huge.

  • Btw, is there some documentation somewhere about how to build the Antergos ISO ?

    I feel that explanations in that post are not the real reasons.
    Otherwise they would have asked for help before?

  • Sorry I’m late, Antergos has been so stable for a long time, I have had little need to come here, but was alarmed to hear the news from “It’s FOSS”.

    I read this whole thread, and it looks a little panicky:

    As to moving/redoing the forum. Is there a way it can just be taken over and stay right here?

    Someone is making a new logo already: Can we keep the old one, as well as the name, I like both?

    I have only heard mention of Reborn OS, now I hear it’s a fork of Antergos, so what was wrong with Antergos inspiring someone to fork it instead of joining the team and making it even better? Why fork it again and again, what about collaboration, strength in numbers… Then there’s AntOS or AnthOS also a fork and there is already AntOS web desktop that has been around since 2018 already, as well as Antos mobile platform: What’s up with that? I don’t know if I can trust AntOS, seems like whoever started that just took it upon themselves no questions asked.

    I like Antergos, and the community just as it is, so changing as little as possible should be the goal here.

    It would be nice if the Antergos developers could chime in on all of this, and give us some direction. Otherwise Nate_X’s idea makes the most sense, unless there’s something wrong with ReborneOS.

  • @Zoidmo and @nate_x
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong RebornOS, it began it’s life over here on this forum. The reason why Reborn eventually went solo, was because of the different philosophy Antergos and @Keegan had about a distro for everyone.
    Reborn offers an out of the box experience with preinstalled apps, while Antergos offered an easy Arch install with almost vanilla DE’s, ready to customize for the enduser.
    Having said that I want to emphasize that the two distro’s didn’t part in a dispute, Keegan kept his loyalty towards Antergos till this day and from here there was no bad word about him and his team.

  • @Bryanpwo said in Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?:

    Reborn offers an out of the box experience with preinstalled apps, while Antergos offered an easy Arch install with almost vanilla DE’s

    So I would say Antergos was right ;-)

  • @Bryanpwo Very common theme many Linuxes share “For everyone”. That being an impossibility, as everyone is different, and way too many want a direct replacement for Windows, and I want to be as far away from that as possible!

    I did a little research on RebornOS, but besides the additional DE choices, there was no detailed info on any other differences on RebornOS’s site. It does mention making additions and changes users ask for, but none that have been made are listed, and what users ask for isn’t always good. Now I read about the preinstalled apps, and have to agree with @nadir; I liked the few choices Antergos gave me, and to me “preinstalled apps” means having to go through uninstalling things after installing the OS, and installing my personal favorites instead.

    The main thing that made Antergos so great, was having an Installer for Arch, and being able to choose from a few desktops right then and there, including some essentials like the firewall. I can only see that giving the devs more time for debuging, improvements under the hood, and testing, and they still can’t find the time anymore. So, more DE choices I understand, the preinstalled apps not so much. Anyone needing the out of the box experience IOW newbie hand holding, should go with Ubuntu or Mint, not Arch, and especially not a rolling release thereof.

    Nothing personal to Keegan and whoever, but I also don’t like the dull logo, nor the name “Reborn”, as it reminds me of new age christian speak.

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