• Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?

    i am at a los with this two existing ideas… here at the forum and at telegram …

  • @PandaFoss
    It seems you’re also having the same idea as me, could you clarify and maybe we can join forces?

  • Cloning the distro is one thing.
    Keeping this community alive is something else.

  • @Jeannie____ a very good point… we start here with the idea (mainly) to keep the community alive, at telegram channels it is all about the OS ;)

  • The OS is more or less Arch.
    If I didn’t care about the community and its thousands of members, I’d just comment out the antergos repo and use pure arch.

  • It seems very rushed, what they are doing.

  • They are panicking.

  • I’m in two chats right now and it seems our point of view differ alot.

  • Retreat, regroup then charge back :)

    There has to be someone with a strategy, willing to envision it and follow it through. I guess this thread here will mostly serve as brainstorming atm.

    There are a few key roles that need to be filled:

    • A strategy master
    • Devs for the Forum
    • Devs for maintaining the distro
    • Other roles I can’t think off from the top of my head. The current distro holders are be the best qualified people to identify the needed roles.

    All these roles require a strong commitment, so availability and stability of the ones filling them is a must.

    Enthusiastic supporters are welcome I guess, but there is a need for people to adopt this child and stand by it while it continues its growth. In good and bad.

    Here are a few thoughts on the steps needed for the forum:

    Getting a decent hosting account is first. No idea about the requirements of such a project, but quality hosting is not that expensive these days.

    Buying a domain is second

    I guess simply moving the forum files and db-dump to another hosting company should do the trick of setting up a clone of this forum to ensure continuity. (Well there might be a need to make some adaptations to match the new domain, but that would be no issue for someone knowing what they’re doing.

    Moving the forum to a new platform would be much more effort consuming, plus it might be hard to match all the features of the current platform to the new one.

  • @nate_x
    That is my plan exactly, I just want to try to talk with the current devs about the Antergos brandname, before turning it into another name.

  • I guess there’s more about IP here that need to be discussed. The content of this very forum for example. I suggested simply doing a clone of it and hosting it somewhere else. However this also assumes the owners of the Antergos brand are ready to give their baby up for adoption :)

  • Yes, that is what I want to talk about with them. This thread is merely to check if the community would like this idea, I am willing to invest both time and money into it, and so are some other members, I just wanted to be sure there still is enough love for Antergos.

  • Maybe a poll would be useful?

  • Could be, but by the reactions over here and on Telegram, I think it’s a safe bet to really act upon this.

  • UPDATE: The AntOs group are willing to work together with us.
    I want to examine the possibility to keep the brand Antergos going, I don’t know if the devs are willing to do that and if so, we can afford to do it.
    If there’s going to be a Rebrand, then I want to make this decision with the moderators and the community. It’s important not to rush into things, the dust that Antergos is ending hasn’t even settled yet. Now is the time to regroup en rethink what we want.

  • Whatever you decide to do i believe the community will support you. I dont have the skills to help, but i am willing to take this new journey with you.

  • If support is a concern, I started a special group for Arch distros a few months ago where Arch distro devs (so far only Reborn and Condres OS have joined) can come together and brainstorm or ask each other for help. This way you can easily get connected with other distro devs, attain help if you need it, and offer help to others - all while remaining completely independent. Sort of like this forum here, but exclusively created for distro devs to talk with each other from various projects. I only mention this because I do not have the money to help support this endeavor, but I want to do whatever I can. So if you (thinking of @Bryanpwo especially here) think that would be useful down the road sometime, just know you have an open invitation. Simply PM me about it if you are interested 🙂 . No idea if you would find it useful or not, but I thought I would mention it just in the off chance it was.

  • @Keegan
    Thank you for the link, I will certainly keep it in mind, I wasn’t expecting you to donate, your help is priceless.

  • I just wish I could help more. But Reborn and the day-to-day demands of life are taking up my time right now, so I doubt I can help directly too much/often. I suppose my reason for the post above was more so that if you guys were in serious need of help, I would have an easy and convenient way to offer a hand at dire times as my attention can’t be constantly split between here and Reborn. But I am more than happy to lend a hand for a few days when necessary, something that would be made easier for me through that group. Plus, the people at Condres are really knowledgeable (to the point where they are constantly making improvements to the kernel, making it visibly faster - which is a bit beyond me right now) so they could be an invaluable resource.

    Anyways, I’ll be off and on throughout the rest of the day, and cannot wait to find out what ends up happening! I really hope Antergos can live on 🙂.

  • @Keegan said in Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?:

    Anyways, I’ll be off and on throughout the rest of the day, and cannot wait to find out what ends up happening! I really hope Antergos can live on .

    yea! ✌

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