• Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?

    I’ve asked this question in an existing thread, but to make it more efficient i’m going to ask you again in a seperate thread.
    I’m seriously thinking of keeping the Antergos legacy alive, as a distro, but more importantly to keep the community alive. We all build a very friendly and helpful environment through the years, so it would be a waste to break up this wonderful work we all have achieved.
    Before I invest my time and money in this idea, I have the important question to all of you.
    Are you interested in a project like this, the first goal is to transfer the community to another forum and the second goal is to keep the Antergos legacy alive.
    I’ve already had some members answering me who are willing to help out and really any help is welcome, but that’s for the next stage.
    Do you like this idea or would you rather join another distro? (Again this is not a concious question, I’m really looking into this, so I need the feedback)

  • I am ready to cook!
    Let’s build a kitchen and a team!!!

  • I’ll get the sink!

  • @Keegan
    You bet, if there’s enough interest, we’ll be certainly needing your help.😉

  • I regret hearing that the distro will be discontinued, but couldn’t agree more with @Bryanpwo: the most important strength (and sometimes underestimated) is the community. I wish you good luck at keeping it alive.

  • I love Antergos (done most of the other mainstream distros) and would really like to see this super distro continue. Not sure how I could help, not being a coder, though a Linux user for 20+ years.

  • I also love this distribution and I would love to see it continued. I just started with Linux, I hope in the future I can help more, although I am not a coder. I like the community and I would love to be part of it also in the future.

  • @piotr @pheine @new2antrgs
    Thanks for the feedback.
    The main focus on this thread is to see how many of you would like to keep this great community. I’ve already gathered information in costs of webhosting and as a starting point I’m prepared to jump into it, but there has to be enough interested communitymembers for it.
    If it’s viable, then we can start talking to the devs in terms of permission using the code and/or name of this project and if we can’t use the name, we have to come up with another one.
    For now the love for this project and if you want to contribute in the future, on anything not just coding, is more than enough.
    My vision for this project is first of all keep the legacy up and running and making it stronger with a team and collaborations from the community, whether it’s coding, feedback or on social media.

  • @Bryanpwo , I declare my interest in this thread, as well. 👍

  • @Bryanpwo After 10 years of using various GNU/Linux distributions, I finally found one I loved - Antergos, which I have installed on five of my computers (plus a friend’s computer).

    Not only is the distro one which “just works,” its forum is the best one I have ever experienced.

    So I too would like to see Antergos continue.

    I myself do not know anything at all about creating, modifying, or maintaining operating systems; I only know how to use them. I wish you the very best of luck in keeping the project alive and I hope that you are able to find a few other people who feel the same way and who would be willing and able to help you.


  • @Bryanpwo Hi from Argentina, im a big fan of ArchLinux, and i install Antergos to all my friends and family computers, so im in if you want to start a project to mantain this awesome distro Alive!.

  • I’m also interested in continuing with Antergos. If I understood it right, Antergos has about 1 million users. If only half of them are willing to donate five or ten euros, it would be 2.5 to 5 million euros. This could cover the server costs and perhaps support the developers’ work.

    Background: I also donated my 10 Euro for Wikipedia for many years, so that it is still financially possible. So I would certainly donate 10 Euro, maybe even annually as a subscription. Such a thing contradicts perhaps the basic idea of Linux, which everything must be free of charge. But if you look at how expensive Adobe subscriptions have become in the meantime, such a thing would be realistic. Or?

    I’m not a subscriber to any Adobe services. On the contrary: I just learned how to access my old PageMaker files under Antergos with “Scribus”. Monetary advantage! It would be important to find a trustworthy administrator for the money.

  • I am interested to help out in any form!

  • I’d hate to see my favourite distro die, I appreciate the idea to keep it alive very much.

  • can we get some clarification about the same discussion going on at telegram chat?
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    I am not sure who is who here and at the telegram channel ;)

  • @Bryanpwo

    Count me in!

    I believe the most shocking for us is losing our forum, and i’m pretty sure that can be fixed easilly by creating a a new one (i can’t help with money, so i think we must keep free alternatives for forum, servers etc).

    I hope Antergos stuff keep available at github, if so i guess we can easilly make a fork considering Antergos visual, like icons, themes and use it as safe place. (we can fork everything)

    @joekamprad invited me to join a comunnity group at github, maybe all moderators could join it and start gathering our codes, fork Antergos PKGBUILDS etc.

    There is also RebornOS and Portegos (not very active), but i guess our focus is to keep Antergos as it is right?

  • @fernandomaroto said in Interest in keeping Antergos legacy alive?:

    I believe the most shocking for us is losing our forum, and i’m pretty sure that can be fixed easilly by creating a a new one

    yes thats the truth as it is!

    (i can’t help with money, so i think we must keep free alternatives for forum, servers etc).

    I think it is not simple possible to get a free service for what is needs here.

    But as @Bryanpwo say he is willing to invest some, i can do also, and there are donation possible also.

  • @joekamprad I will publish the groups that have been created for this purpose:

    1. https://t.me/AntOS_en [English]
    2. https://t.me/Ant_OS [Spanish]
    3. GitLab: https://gitlab.com/anthos

    I hope you can keep this beautiful community intact!

  • If money is a concern, you can easily get a free forum until you are ready to expand so as to cut down on costs here: https://www.proboards.com/free-forums . It’s what I have been using at least, and it has been really stable for me :) .

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