• Antergos is going to end.

    Oh no! This is sorrowful news indeed! No wonder my phone has been pinging all day…

    I for one completely support any initiative to continue the amazing vision that Antergos had, like @Bryanpwo was mentioning. For those of you who do not know me (I’ve not been around here lately), I developed a community edition of Antergos for awhile before forking and starting Reborn OS - Antergos reborn as a new distro with a similar vision, but more support for various DEs and options within the installer. So while I would not pressure anyone to join us (although of course I am a bit biased and would love it), I would be more than happy to have you use my code as a starting point to launch yourselves ahead so that a new OS is possible in the extremely limited time we have.

    I have already been working on removing the Antergos repos from Reborn, with all that is left of that endeavor being to remove it from Cnchi itself (Reborn uses a modified version of Cnchi). So if anyone wants to use us as a base or collaborate with us, you are more than welcome! I just hope to be able to offer a way to not leave users alone and abandoned to the likes of the pure Arch community (mainly their rather Antergos-unfriendly forums).

    Furthermore, I know I have said this before but I suppose now is as good a time to remind the developers that I am and always have been willing to help you out in any way necessary. All you have had to do is ask. If there is anything at all I can do for you, please let me know! Antergos is what got me started with Arch. Antergos is what got me started with my own project. Antergos made it all possible for me, and has greatly shaped and influenced not only my own ideas but also my love and knowledge of Linux in general. In specific, I can never repay your kindness to me @karasu, nor your patience in teaching me your secret ISO building arts. You have always been there for me, and now I feel it is long past my time to be there for you. Just know I am around!

    • Keegan
  • I am also at a loss for words. Antergos for me has been the best distro that i have ever used. It truly hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves. I want to thank everyone for their endless devotion and help especially to the developers who have given so much of their time and expertise to make Antergos what it is. I think it is a superb distribution that is very polished and has everything going for it. I am saddened and i wish there was something that could be done to keep this project going because it truly deserves to be the Linux desktop of choice. It’s that good in my opinion. Everything else just doesn’t compare. I hope one day it will be back and continue on from where it is now. Until then i wish you all the success, happiness and fulfillment in all your future endeavors. Keep the faith! Thanks! Developers, Community, Moderators and friends.

  • P.S. I intend to go live to answer Reborn users’ question sometime Sunday (in the afternoon/evening PST time), so if any of you are interested, feel free to stop by our Youtube channel that day and shoot the breeze! I fully intend to come up with a gameplan for Reborn now that Antergos is ending at that time, together with the community and whoever is watching.

  • @Keegan thanks for your wordup!

  • @hertjies
    Thanks for the reply, I’ve started a separate thread on this over here

  • @joekamprad said in Antergos is going to end.:

    @Keegan thanks for your wordup!

    Of course! If there is anything I can do to pitch in and help, just let me know :)

  • That’s really very bad news. Antergos was and is just great!
    Thanks to everyone who worked on this wonderful project, as a developer or in the forum.

    I will have a look at Anarchy Linux, it’s basically just an installer to quickly install a ready set up Arch Linux, Manjaro wasn’t so great two years ago.
    More Rolling Release Distros can be found here, but not all of them are based on Arch Linux and I wanted to stay with pacman, that narrows down the alternatives.

  • @Bryanpwo said

    Are you interested in this idea as well, I’m just asking, because I’m making a list how many interest there is for this plan.
    (I’m asking, because you liked the post, not to assign you with duties or something 😉 )

    Sure! Count me in!!! 👍

  • That is really sad and quite difficult to understand. To know Antergos is going to leave me now… I loved this Distro too much and it was certainly the most user friendly distro with the best community long ago.

    I came to Antergos after having a horrible experience at Manjaro and learned it to be the most unstable Distro ever… Antergos was reinstalled just once on my system after original installation and was running without problems all the time. Antergos was just reinstalled when I changed the HDD in my Laptop to SSD and upgraded the Ram to 24GB.

    Just read it now Antergos is going to end… Don’t know what to do now really. Maybe switching to Anarchy or Install Arch from Hand when I find the time for like 100 tries… The Community Forums of Pure Arch are a Nightmare…

  • @Severus
    We are woking on a solution …

  • Yep! Don’t jump ship yet @Severus . Unless it’s to Reborn, which I have a bias towards since I develop it 🙂. But it looks like Antergos might not be gone forever, but sort of… unintentional play on words which has NO relation to Reborn OS… will be reborn and continued on. No promises though.

  • @Bryanpwo I will keep an Eye on this thread the next time.

    @Keegan I’ll keep an eye on my loved Antergos for a while in this thread. Maybe in the future you get me for Reborn OS. I would at least like to try it out, if I can’t use Antergos Anymore.

    Thank you both for letting me hope.

  • Very sad to learn this new because Antergos is still my main OS and I found it quite enjoyable to use during the past two and a half years. Heartfelt thanks for all the support and love you gave us.

    Now the question is how to survive… Currently there seems to be two direct ways (without reinstall):

    • switching to 100% Arch as it seems some help to do it will be provided on this forum in the coming weeks (or days?)
    • switching to Reborn as Keegan proposed. Information about it need to be completed.

    I think a sensible approach would be to inform current antergos users when it would be advisable to make the switch. At that time, some kind of choice around this above alternative should be offered. As a personal choice, I would gladly follow the easier path…

    Best regards


  • @roger64
    I suggest you stay tuned! Can’t promise anything yet, but we still have lots of spirit and hope!

  • @manuel

    Sure. I’ll stay tuned. Thanks.

  • Hey there people! I would highly advise you to check out this amazing thread by @Bryanpwo for some much-needed hope! It entails the plans we have for a continuation of Antergos, complete with a fun codename for the project (who doesn’t like codenames?)


  • Man this is a bummer. Antergos has been my home and daily OS for years. The community here has always been helpful, patient and non elitist compared to some other arch communities.

    Thanks @devs and all those that contributed and helped others out on the forums and made this home. Antergos introduced me to arch and while I’m still a newb I’ve learned a lot from my time here. You’ll be missed.

  • Wait don’t go without noticing the party @jdatl74! We are planning on keeping the vision of Antergos going along with this unique community, so I would advise you stick around to hear more.

  • Forgive my English - Google translator.
    I only recently got acquainted with Antergos… But the first time I fell in love with this system! Before that was Mint Cinnamon, but it is not even worth comparing with the superiority of Antergos KDE. And for me, as for many people, the message about the closure of the project was sad. I would like to use Antergos for a long time…
    I really appreciate that a group of like-minded people is being created in order to preserve the ideas and achievements of Antergos. Nevertheless, I am concerned about the fate of the new project. Why? I tried Reborn OS… Tried to set up 15 (!!!) time. Used four different ISO. Never (!!!) the installation did not reach the final. Antergos, during the experiments, I installed about 10 times and all the installations were successful! I’m afraid if the experience RebornOS will connect with the legacy of Antergos, nothing good can not succeed…
    I do not want to criticize or scold anyone in any way. No. Just based on my experience really worry about the fate of such a beautiful project Antergos…

  • @vlpo
    The problems Reborn has with the current installer, has to do with the sudden discontuation of Antergos. Reborn is a sprout of Antergos. The idea of working together is to split the workload on the Cnchi installer, since running a distro is a hobby on the side for all of us. This is the reason why the current devs are ending this project and we want to avoid this for the future.

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