• Changing DE

    If I change desktop environments will I mess up programs like Firefox or 0 A.D. already installed?

    I installed the Budgie DE and I am considering changing to KDE or LXQt instead.

    Do I simply install the meta package from the package manager and is LXQt fully supported in Antergos yet?

  • The apps keep working under another DE, the only thing that could look out of place are the GTK based apps. They will work, but they may look alienated under KDE or LXQT.
    LXQT runs under Antergos (Arch), it only didn’t get the Antergos look treatment. (Numix icons, the grey coloured bars and windowmanagers) When you install it, you will get the vanilla install of LXQT.

  • Thanks for the feedback Bryan, I will try that out.

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