• Maintenance app example, comments?


    Here’s a screenshot of a simple maintenance application that I just wrote. It contains a few buttons for typical maintenance tasks, and some more advanced things, too.

    What do you think of it, is something missing, or is something too much? Any further ideas?

    Please note that it is made with yad that has many limitations in expressing graphical objects. But it is quick to create.


  • @manuel Does this have your remirror program tied to editing and ranking?

  • It looks very good, maybe you could also make an ignore package button, but hidden in a settings menu? (If that’s possible, though, the hidden settings menu)

  • @ricklinux
    Only the ranking.
    Editing is done with program nano (that should be available by default in all DEs).

    Actually, user can see the actual command by simply hovering over the button.

    Great idea, I’ll look into it. It is possible (as I understand it), but takes some small amount of extra work, though not much.

  • Is there yad in Antergos repos? Some time ago I needed something like this in my scripts, and used zenity instead, seeing yad in AUR only.

  • @joekamprad LOL :))) That’s why I avoid AUR dependencies in my packages: they happen to be out of date.

  • i have myself Zenity-gtk2 is has no webkit2gtk stuf as zenity or yad :) also got qarma for qt5

  • @Bryanpwo
    I added a button to manage ignored packages. It is not hidden, may come back to hiding it later.
    But the functionality of the button (and the whole app) is now working.

  • Clearing orphaned pacnew files option? Every now and then pacman tells me there are x pacnew files to update. However there are none offered for review. On such occasions I have to search and delete orphaned pacnew files.

  • @nate_x
    That is worth considering, but also may be quite difficult. Some of the .pacnew files should not replace anything (like /etc/passwd), and some do, often only partially (like /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.pacnew). Depends very much on your personal settings and wishes.

    Anyway, to find those .pacnew files (as a reference to all users), one may use e.g. command

    find / -name \*.pacnew 2>/dev/null

    and then study the found files one by one.

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