• Antergos Not Booting; Boot To UEFI Shell; Acer C710

    I’m unsure if this is the proper board to be posting to, but I’ll post it here and hope that a moderator doesn’t list for it to be taken down.

    Alright, so I’m encountering an issue where my Acer C710 doesn’t want to boot into Antergos after I’ve installed it. (Luckily, my UEFI allows me to boot from a selected file.) I’ve not encountered this issue with Manjaro XFCE, but I have encountered this issue with a vanilla Arch install that went unresolved.

    I’m just wondering if it was my DE selection during the installation process (MATE) or if something wasn’t auto-configured properly. I was already having issues with the LiveUSB.

    The issue with the LiveUSB is that it couldn’t find vmlinuz, but upon checking the drive vmlinuz was present. Nevertheless, I just booted the LiveUSB as a LiveCD/DVD.

    Past my installation, and upon reboot, I am brought to my UEFI shell. (I’ve got no experience with UEFI shells, so I exit out of the shell into my UEFI environment.

    Then I go to Boot From File and navigate to find grub.efi and core.efi (both of which bring me to the Antergos GRUB).

    I’m unsure what is going on here, but aside from the boot issue that I am experiencing, and it being a moderate inconvenience, the system works just fine.

    I’ve already tried removing quiet from the boot parameters, and that didn’t help, so I re-added it. (Yes, I made sure to grub-mkconfig after both times.)

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • @kaogomi do you have a fat32 efi partition?

    sudo fdisk -l
  • @joekamprad Yes, I do have a FAT32 EFI Partition on my partition table. 512M.

    **Device**       **Start**   **End**  **Sectors**  **Size**  **Type**
    /dev/sda1           2048     1050623    1048576      512M      EFI
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