• Update grub automatically

    To update the grub menu automatically after installing or removing a kernel, write the following lines to file /etc/pacman.d/hooks/grub-auto-update.hook:

    Operation = Install
    Operation = Remove
    Type = Package
    Target = linux
    Target = linux-lts
    Description = Update grub after installing or removing a kernel.
    When = PostTransaction
    Depends = grub
    Exec = /bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg"

    Note that you may need to create the directory first:

    sudo mkdir -p /etc/pacman.d/hooks
  • Added the above as a package named grub-auto-update in the repo at https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-m.

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