Hi all!

I’m testing a modification from Pacbang installer for Antegos. I don’t want to bother developers, so i’ll upload the files and if someone is interested on using it, just go ahead.

the file is uploaded to github, to use it you can simply copy/paste the command bellow:

wget https://github.com/Portergos/abif_installer_antergos/releases/download/0.1/antergos.tar.xz; tar xJf antergos.tar.xz; sudo mkdir -p /abif-master; sudo cp -pra antergos/* /abif-master; sudo chmod +x /abif-master/abif; sudo /abif-master/abif

The commands should be typed at antergos live cd.

The installer is not userfriendly, but i won’t change it, since i already make my version for Portergos. This is just to help people with poor internet connection or cnchi errors.

Known bugs:

  • Switching from one tty to another cause lightdm to stop working, workaround is to systemctl stop lightdm; systemctl start lightdm
  • The system autologin is still working even after i changed it at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
  • sddm (maybe other DMs) doesn’t work.

I’m pretty sure these bugs are related, if someone knows the culprit file, please tell me and i can try to fix it. maybe a systemd service or ligthdm config.
We can also see the antergos iso message when switching tty, if i can find it maybe i can track the bugs.

You can use it in virtualbox just for fun or testing, if so, remember to VBoxClient-all & to allow you to copy/paste the command since antergos doesn’t start vbox stuff. Also allow clipboard sharing etc.

For now don’t use it for real systems, is unstable yet.