• SSH keys: Constantly being asked for password

    Hey there,

    I use antergos, the i3wm community version. I also use ZSH. I am constantly being asked for the ssh password. If I use an ssh key the first time, it asks for the password, which is fine. However, if I use it the second time, in a different terminal tab, it still asks for password.

    Any help would be appreciated. I would like to be asked for the password the first time I use the ssh key and not more.

  • @markoff said in SSH keys: Constantly being asked for password:

    I use antergos, the i3wm community version

    What do you install exactly? Antergos and choosing i3 version from Official ISO or something else?

    if you login to a remote machine from terminal with ssh you are doing this with a remote user on a remote machine, so you need to relogin every time you want to use ssh connection.

    You can use SSH key authentication where you copy your pub-key to the remote machine, and then you can complete login automaticly without be asked for a password.

    Procedure is similar to this:


  • Yes, choosing i3 version from official ISO.

    No, you missunderstood me. It is asking me for the ssh password in my LOCAL computer. I mean, this has nothing to do with an ssh-connection, or well, not really.

    This happens when I push to github or something. It is constantly asking me for password, as in, it seems like the key is not being saved in ssh-agent.

  • you do not use ssh on a local way… you mean login as root with su or using sudo to get rootlike access to local filesystem???

  • @markoff said in SSH keys: Constantly being asked for password:

    when I push to github

    this is a remote connection … and password is needed to get verified at a remote machine…

  • anyways ;) can you check your i3 config to have a polkit service enabled?

    something like:

    exec --no-startup-id /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1

  • Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-05-04 12-09-36.png
    is in default config… check if polkit-gnome is installed also:

    pacman -Qs polkit-gnome

  • I have added that line to my i3 (didn’t have it) and restarted. I am still having the same issues, that is, I am being asked for the password to my ssh-key everytime.

    And yes, I do have that package installed.

  • @markoff said in SSH keys: Constantly being asked for password:

    my ssh-key everytime

    what key? where exactly?

  • Dude, everywhere. If I want to login to my raspberry PI, it asks me for the password to my ssh-key. If I want to push to github/gitlab or whatever, it asks me for the password to my ssh-key. It is ok that it asks for the password for the first time, but subsequent connections should not require me to input my password again.

  • but then we where talking about ssh, i was not sure about this…

    So you have something similar to this?


  • That link asks me to solve a captcha, to view a fucking article. Fuck them.

    Dude, it asks me for the password for my private key.

  • yes then you do not unlock the key on login… are you using lightdm to login or do you use login without a dm ?

  • there are many different ways to get this done also, i am using gnome-keyring-daemon to do so here…

  • zsh oh-my-zsh have a zsh plugin called ssh-agent.plugin.zsh

  • I don’t want to be asked for the key on login because I have like 6 keys. I would have to introduce 6 passwords. Also, it’s not every session that I will need to use the ssh-keys, so having to introduce a password at login is a no go.

    I might have to install gnome-keyring-daemon, but I wanted to avoid it. I will give it a try and see if it works.

    EDIT: There is no such package in the aur/arch repos. Are you sure it is gnome-keyring-daemon?

    I already have the following installed and it didn’t help:

    extra/gnome-keyring 1:3.31.91-1 (gnome) [installed]
        Stores passwords and encryption keys
    extra/libgnome-keyring 3.12.0+11+g3766bcc-1 [installed]
        GNOME keyring client library
    extra/python2-gnomekeyring 2.32.0-18 [installed]
        Python bindings for libgnome-keyring
  • pacman -Qo /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon
    /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon is owned by gnome-keyring 1:3.31.91-1
  • i do use i3-gnome here, and it starts gnome services with the session starter… you may want something more easy/lightwight

  • I already have that installed then. Also, can you give me 2 reputation or something, so I can post more than once every 5mins? It’s annoying!

  • @markoff said in SSH keys: Constantly being asked for password:

    I have like 6 keys. I would have to introduce 6 passwords

    i do not fully understand what you like to get working …

    a unlocked key is only one unlocked key… the one you are using to identify at remote systems we do not talk about saving remote passords to login without be asked for password here…

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