• Can Antergos be installed onto a Fake RAID created by the motherboard?

    I have two, 250GB SSDs that I was thinking of mirroring and installing Antergos onto them. I read the Arch Wiki about setting up a MDADM RAID array and installing Arch on there but for a newbie… that looks super duper overly complicated. So then I thought… use the Intel fake RAID of my BIOS, create a RAID 1 from those two disks and present that ‘single’ disk to the Antergos installer and away I go.

    I found this article: https://medium.com/@pmarrapese/arch-linux-and-intel-rst-fake-raid-cece10b61ac3 but it looks like (and the detail was lacking… at least to me) … even if you create a fake RAID in the BIOS, you STILL have to jump through some hoops to get it working since the Linux installer will see through that fake RAID and want to interact with the physical disks behind it. Is my thinking correct on that point?

    If my thinking is NOT correct, and the Antergos installer will only see a single disk that was created by the fake array, how do I monitor an Intel fake RAID for failures from within Linux?

  • @RoadHazard Installer doesn’t support raid function.

  • @ricklinux said in Can Antergos be installed onto a Fake RAID created by the motherboard?:

    @RoadHazard Installer doesn’t support raid function.

    Yeah… and more I’m reading right now the more I think I’m SOL for easily accomplishing my goal. Guess I’ll just install to a single drive and use something like Timeshift to backup to a secondary drive in case of failure. Or… I have an old Dell PERC card laying around… maybe I’ll do my RAID 1 with that? :)

  • @RoadHazard
    I suppose you read this:

    But as you have two SSDs, you don’t have much to loose if you just try to install on that fake RAID. And if that doesn’t work, as you said, you may install Antergos on one drive.

    I think backups are another thing that need to be taken care of separately.
    Basically only the personal data needs to be backed up (since it is not available anywhere else). Antergos can quite easily be installed again. So, thinking in extremes, designing where the personal data is stored and how it will backed up is important.

    The bonus of that approach is that personal data usually takes less space than backing up the whole system.

    I guess this is something that you had in mind. But if I’m wrong, feel free to say so. 😅

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