• Typing a few letters doesn't bring up the right application

    Not sure I’m explaining this right but using Antergos 19.4 and Cinnamon desktop.

    If I click the ‘start’ button and type ‘ter’… I would expect it to bring up the ‘terminal’ icon so I can easily find it. Instead, at the top of the ‘search’ box is Chromium, Color, etc. I’d expect terminal at the top if I typed ‘ter’. Same for System Monitor. Typing ‘sys’ brings up a lot of things on the right side but ‘System Monitor’ is at the very bottom when I’d expect it to be at the top.

    I’m almost positive there’s a way to change that behavior but for the life of me I don’t know how.

  • @RoadHazard I use Cinnamon and if you look at the bottom of the box terminal is there. That’s the way it works. The only thing i can see that you can do is add it to favorites which puts it in the list on the left side. I have it in the task bar below so it’s not necessary.

    Screenshot from 2019-05-01 01-20-13.png

  • @ricklinux Coming from the Mint world, I just found out that the way Cinnamon worked in Mint 19.0 (regarding typing a few letters of a program and having it pop up) was actually a bug in it popping up just the names of programs that started with those letters. Their 19.1 update brought a new version of Cinnamon that works the same way it does in Antergos… in that typing a few letters searches EVERYTHING … names AND file descriptions. So yep, I’m going to have to use Favorites as you suggested. Thanks for the reply!

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