• Desktop fails to stay on after updates!

    @philipc Try Cinnamon desktop … i’m quite happy with it. I have it with Nvidia card on one system. Install it, adjust the panel sizes, set your desktop icons, install your nvidia-dkms, install software done use it forget about it! Just works!

  • @ricklinux
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried Cinnamon/Mate/Gnome/XFCE and not really my thing, my favorite desktop is KDE Plasma, i have it installed on Ubuntu 18.04 and it works great, i use it as my backup system. My idea is having a cutting edge distro and having one more stable as a backup, so i can experiment with 2 different systems. ☺

  • Since i tried Antergos for about 3 months now, i decided to give Manjaro a try for 3 months also, then i will be able to tell wich one i like most and wich one is the most stable for my hardware.

  • @philipc I use Manjaro also on another computer. If you like KDE it is one of their flagship versions along with Xfce. I’ve never gotten use to KDE. I just find it awkward as i like to be able to put icons on the desktop etc. I use Manjaro Cinnamon like Antergos because it’s what I prefer. But… I can tell you I prefer Antergos because it stays more updated. I don’t have many issues with it on Cinnamon. I have tried most of them. Been using Antergos for 3 years. Never liked Ubuntu much.

  • @ricklinux If you are really set on KDE you ought to have a look at KaOS also. It is a distro that focuses only on KDE and was built from ground up based off Arch and is rolling release also. It’s very good too.

  • As on systemd issues, Manjaro also got those. its said its stable arch but infact it is also a frankenstein, video/systemd/kernel they do by there own, own development is script and pamac some theme hacks. but does not tell it stable at the end… sometimes stable get mixed up before inn testing seems stable. Kaos is more pure but everything has its price at the end on a rolling release.

    Issue marked as solved, @ricklinux @ringo32 you can open a conversation on another thread if you like to go into this.

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