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    I am looking for instructions to get battery display to work in openbox. I have installed cbatticon, but I cannot get tint2 to actually display the battery percentage in the tooltip. I would also like to have the battery percentage appear on the desktop, but I do not know where I change this. Edit: I figured out how to configure conky for the desktop


  • acpi -V

    can show battery info …
    and many others too you can use conky to show this or some conky lines like this:

    Battery level: $battery_percent %
    $battery_bar 15 100
  • @joekamprad thanks for the suggestion, I figured out how to get Conky configured but I I’m still working on tint2. Any recommendations for getting battery statistics on the panel also?

  • @piotr oh that’s much easier than blindly editing the text file, I’ve read that page previously and couldn’t figure out what I was missing, here is my config.


  • @pmolinap Actually you can include almost every information you need into the tint2 panel. Much more useful than conky, that’s usually covered with some window.


  • @piotr you are a master on tint2 ;)

  • @joekamprad Dunno if I’m a master, but a fan for sure. ;) I even use it with i3.

  • and you are right on conky, special if you are on a WM like i3 it does not make much sense as you will not see it… a panel is much more useful.

  • @joekamprad Couldn’t agree more. :)

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