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    Re: YOU ARE WELCOME! … say hello to the community:

    Just got signed up, having successfully installed Antergos KDE yesterday. It has been REALLY difficult getting Antergos to install but I will expand on that ( for others information) in a more expansive post once I have settled in to the forum use a bit more. Happy to be here and enjoying the experience.
    ps: Linux user since 1992/3.

  • welcome here then, resident to linux like me ;)

  • @greywolf-0 So what have you been using since 1992/3? I’m curious as i am the same off and on until i found Antergos. No turning back now for me. Antergos just hits that sweet spot where you just can’t get enough. 😆

    It’s awesome … and welcome.

  • Hiya there!

  • @EarthMind Welcome … and this is interesting. Bit Rot?😬 You say i got Bit Rot?😢
    Is this your first time using Antergos? What desktop did you install with BTRFS?

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