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    Last Friday I came home from work, ran updates, rebooted to no gui.
    I figure this is the day to fix a root partition size I’d been fighting.

    New install I gave root a generous 100GB. At 30GB it just kept creeping back up to the full mark.

    During the first 2 install/attempts discovered 2 bad hard drives…got those out of the way lol

    Variouse other install attempts resulted from cinchi can’t find
    xor-mkfontdir or wpa_actiond a couple others and maybe antergos desktop settings.

    The last one might have been one of the bad drives, was trying to keep track but unsure due to poor note taking sry.

    I finally got it in by installing as little as possible only installing aur and linux-lts in the feature selection and just enabled all repo’s.

    This was with latest usb live image, written with suse-image writer, etcher seems to have errors all over the screen.

    I’ve almost got everything set back up the way I want it, but when it comes to WINE, it is using a huge amount of CPU.

    In an attempt to solve it I installed wine-staging, discovering some 3D modeling programs such as lightray3D function much closer to normal,
    however the high cpu use seems to be with the game I’ve been playing for years all the sudden.

    Is there something wrong with latest version of WINE does anyone know?
    and are the older versions of WINE still in the repo someplace?

  • @Firespray said in Recent reinstall experience-Question:

    and are the older versions of WINE still in the repo someplace?

    sudo pacman -S downgrade
    man downgrade

  • @joekamprad said in Recent reinstall experience-Question:

    man downgrade

    After all the times I’d read about downgrade, I guess I didn’t realize till now it was actually a package until you put it that way…
    Idk wtf is wrong with me, I guess it takes a few times to realize some things, I guess I always associated downgrade with the OS because that’s the only time I ever used it.

    “…and the monkey flips the switch” LMAO

  • i try downgrade wine but wine still have an issue here but i do have install msoffice some time ago with wine… and it still starts up but the window is empty…

  • harrytonny

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