• Suspend Issues on Dell XPS 9370

    Hi all,

    Newbie to Antergos; migrated from Ubuntu (steady user since 10.04). I am loving Arch so far, but am still getting used to how it operates.

    Running Antergos (obv) with GNOME session on a Dell XPS 9370.

    Some background: When I first installed Arch, the lock-on-suspend features through Light Locker were okay, and then my computer started to bug out (I couldn’t get past the lock dialogue; my computer would freeze). So I disabled the lock-on-suspend function.

    Now, my Light-Locker settings are not being saved. For example, I set the timer for a blank screen to 15 minutes. After a fresh reboot, I see that it is now set to 0.

    Secondly, and now for the issue indicated in the title, I am having suspend issues. I have had suspend issues when I was running Ubuntu, specifically with the lid-switch function. All I had to do was edit logind.conf and I was on my merry way. However, the issue I am having with my box now is something different.

    I am able to suspend the computer either by closing the lid, or executing the Hotkey Fn+End. However, the next time I want to suspend, the lid switch function won’t work. Or, it’s reversed – the screen flickers when I execute the hotkey, but the lid works. Oftentimes, neither the lid-close or the hotkey moves put the computer into suspension.

    What logs would you like to see? And is there a conflict between the GNOME power settings and Light-locker? Please advise!

    Thanks all–

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the reply. This mitigated the issue, but I’m still having inconsistent suspend issues.

    For example:

    A) If I try to execute the hot key Fn+End for suspend, the screen and power light will cut out for 1/2 a second, and then the screen will come back on. Sometimes I only have to repeat this process once, and then the computer will suspend.

    B) When this issue occurs, closing the lid does not trigger the suspend function.

    I should note that sometimes Situation A can go on and on for multiple tries. I usually give up and shut down the computer.

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