• Question about automatic updates

    I love antergos. And I love the concept of rolling updates. I always assumed that the system only lists updates of packages that are actually installed on my pc or laptop. But maybe this is a mistaken belief…? When pamac lists updates I install them without thinking twice because I assume they are updates for packages that are actually installed. Maybe I shouldn’t…?

  • @longliveantergos said in Question about automatic updates:

    they are updates for packages that are actually installed

    indeed only updates for packages you have already installed where updated, and if packages where replaced by another or split.

  • @joekamprad - Thx so much. I asked because in one of my threads someone wrote I shouldn’t validate automatic updates…

  • Update info is automatic, you do need to proceed updates manually, and take a look on what is updated.
    If there were same big numbers you should take a look at the news on Antergos and Archlinux, as they may be an upgrade to Desktop Environment, and may need to investigate on something ;)

  • Perfect, thx so much.

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